With the holiday season fast approaching, and friends and family getting ready to descend on your home, surely it’s a time for celebration? The truth is that while we all love seeing our nearest and dearest, we don’t love the stressful prep that comes with it quite as much.

6 Ways a Robot Vacuum Takes the Stress Out of Thanksgiving

To help you get ready the right way, we thought we’d pop by with a few bright ideas. In fact, we’re going to guide you through how you can use your very own robo vac to take the hard work out of the holidays, and all with just a few taps in an app. Let’s dive right in and take a look at the Roidmi EVE PLUS, one of the smartest helping hands on the market…

You can get the place looking spotless while you sleep

No one likes spending time vacuuming, especially when you have so many other things on your to-do list. The secret is to hand the hard work over to your trusty new robo vac, who’ll be more than willing to take care of the work so you don’t have to.

The good news is that because they’re smart enough to work without supervision, you can set them to clean while you’re sleeping. That means you’ll always wake up to a spotless home, and you’ll never be woken up while it’s working because of the virtually silent operation. Ideal if you want to make getting ready for Thanksgiving look easy.

You’ll never miss those awkward spots again

Robo vacs aren’t just great at doing the big jobs — they’re also the experts at making sure those all-important fine details are never missed. This means that if you have a corner of the room you always miss, or you want to make sure the floor is spotless under the dinning table, all you have to do is ask.

With a couple of quick taps in the app you can tell the Roidmi EVE PLUS robo vac when and where to clean, and for how long. This is a real time saver when you want the place spotless from top to bottom, all while you take it easy and get the time you need to start getting excited about the big day.

Mopping the halls and kitchen floor is super easy

A great robo vac won’t just vacuum up the dirt, it’ll also mop up those stubborn stains and marks. This makes it ideal when you want to make sure the hallway gives the pristine welcome you’ll be proud to show off to your guests. It’s also great when you want to get the kitchen looking as good as new so you can give the heart of the home the finishing touch that makes all the difference.

And if you really want to save yourself time and effort, you could set it to work while you’re sleeping so everything is bone dry by the time you come downstairs in the morning. Perfect when you want to make short work of even the biggest to-do list in record time.

You can use all the extra time to shop for gifts

We’ve covered the obvious stuff, but the benefits of a robo vac don’t end here; not by a long shot. If you want to go out and get the turkey, bake some homemade cookies, or shop for gifts for the whole family, you’ll now have a lot more time at your disposal.

Simply by handing the hard work over to someone else, you can take your time and enjoy the buildup to the holiday season like never before. Not only does it help you add all those little extras for the rest of the family to enjoy, it’ll also give you the extra little bit of time and space that allows you to enjoy it too.

Your robo vac will be ready when the guests head to bed

Once your guests arrive and the holiday chaos begins, it can be all too easy to feel like you’re being rushing off your feet. You want the place looking perfect and for everyone to have a holiday to remember, which means you barely get a minute to yourself.

By setting your robo vac to work each night after everyone has gone to bed, you can keep the place looking its best with the minimum of effort. Just what you want to hear when you need a stress-free way to keep the mounting housework at bay.

You can use you extra time and energy to make memories

Now you’re starting to picture how much less work you’ll have to do once the holidays begin, think about what you can spend your time doing instead. One of the best things about getting a helping hand with the housework is that you’ll be able to spend more of that much-needed quality time with your loved ones. Whether it’s walks in the country, staying up late to watch a movie, or an extra hour of games in the evening, you’ll finally have the time and energy to do it.

Now you know why they’re so useful, you need to know what to look for in a robo vac:

– Fast charging capability so you’re never left waiting

– The ability to vacuum and mop on all surfaces

– App control and intuitive programming are essential

– Long range operation and silent cleaning are key

– The ability to empty itself so you never have to intervene

– A vac that’s smart enough to avoid obstacles and collisions

Plus something that will change your life and improve your health:

The Roidmi EVE PLUS comes with a powerful onboard sterilizing system that works after disposal. By sterilizing common household dust mites, microbes such as escherichia coli, candida albicans, and staphylococcus aureus, it helps improve the health of the whole family. Not only that, but it also handles toxic chemicals like ammonia, formaldehyde, benzene, and TVOC, all while nullifying the scent of unwanted smells like cigarettes, perfume and deodorant. Now that’s a helpful little robo vac if ever we saw one!

Final thoughts

Now you’ve heard all about how a robo vac can help you, all you have to do is find the perfect one for you and your home. If you ask us, the Roidmi EVE PLUS is well worth a closer look. Not only will it help with anything and everything on our list, it’s also quick and easy to charge and easily controlled with nothing more than your phone. Ideal when you want to take the hard work out of Thanksgiving so you can focus on what really matters.

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