7 All-In-One Tracking Apps To Find Your Parcels


Whether you are sending or receiving a shipment, tracking becomes important for both the sender and the receiver. Different courier companies have their own individual websites to track the parcel which is frustrating if you are using different courier companies to meet different requirements. In such a scenario, an app that can track your shipment irrespective of the courier company that you have chosen proves to be very helpful. Here is a list of seven such all-in-one apps which will allow you to track your shipment irrespective of the courier company that you have used.

7 All-In-One Tracking Apps To Find Your Parcels

1. AfterShip Package Tracker

It is one of the best package tracking apps that includes a list of more than 700 carriers. The app provides all of its services for free and that too without any annoying advertisements. The embedded map in AfterShip Package Tracker allows the users to check real-time shipment location. All the status updates regarding the shipment are provided to the user through notification. Simply adding the shipment number allows the app to detect the carrier automatically.

2. Parcel- Delivery Tracking

Developed by Ivan Pavlov Pty Ltd, Parcel – Delivery Tracking is one of the most reliable package trackers. The app is only designed for the iOS and macOS versions. The app supports 300 carriers around the world, including FedEx, DHL, UPS, YunExpress and many others. The list of all the supported carriers is available on their official website. The app supports push notifications to notify the user of all the delivery events. However, that requires a premium plan.

3. ParcelTrack

Developed by Uberblic Labs, ParcelTrack allows users to check all the deliveries on one app. It also supports push notification along with features like delivery services with the option to do live tracking which requires a premium subscription. The app also automatically detects the carrier after the shipment is entered. Additional features of ParcelTrack include archive, barcode scanner, delivery services and synchronization. The app supports 50 courier companies which are low in comparison to other tracking apps but all the standard companies are included in the list.

4. All-In-One Package Tracking

This app is developed by 17Track and it supports both single and batch tracking modes. It automatically detects the carriers and provides the user with the option to add up to ten shipment numbers at once. The push notification supported by the app can be availed by the user for free. Also, it can be used to store 40 numbers on multiple devices with all the tracking history. The app supports more than 500 carrier companies including FedEx, DHL, VRL, Yodel and USPS.

5. ParcelTrack

ParcelTrack is another one-in-all app that can be used to track packages and shipments of various carrier companies. The push notification supported by the app is free and tracking different shipments is extremely convenient. It also supports delivery forecasts for courier companies like FedEx, UPS< DHL Express and DHL. Added features of ParcelTrack include who has my package feature, automatic carrier detection, archive, barcode scanner, synchronization and delivery services. The app supports both free and paid subscriptions.

6. Deliveries Package Tracker

This app is available for Android users. It can be used to track deliveries of the shipment using the tracking ID. The list of all the carrier companies supported by the app is available on the official website of the app. The app supports background notification which eliminates the need for the user to open the app for checking the delivery status Also, the app supports Google Maps to track the package for the logistic partner that supports this feature.

7. Shiprocket

Shiprocket is much more than a simple order tracking app. Currently, the app is available for eCommerce businesses in India. The app provides the users with information about the shipping rates and other logistic support. The courier recommendation engine advises the user about the courier company that would best meet their requirement. Additionally, it supports live order tracking and push notification for the same to help you know the exact location of the package.

Based on your requirement, no one would need more than a maximum of two of the apps listed above to easily track the shipment without worrying about the courier company that one has chosen to send or receive a parcel.

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