​​7 Apps to Learn Languages Fast


When you are bilingual you can enjoy a variety of benefits. First of all, it is known to boost self-confidence and contribute to personal development. Secondly, it is known to look great on a resume and offer an additional competitive advantage.

​​7 Apps to Learn Languages Fast

Finally, knowing multiple languages really comes in handy while traveling. It makes you feel more comfortable even when you are far from home. Sounds like learning another language is well worth it, right? It really does, but why haven’t you started yet?

​​7 Apps to Learn Languages Fast

Although pretty much all of us have heard about the perks of being bilingual, many don’t go any further than mastering their native languages. This most often happens due to:

  • lack of time for attending courses;
  • lack of money for expensive classes;
  • a banal belief that the process has to be time-consuming and extremely challenging.

If the last one is true for you, we have you covered. In the list below, we have gathered the top seven best apps that will help you learn languages quickly and easily. Let’s dive in!


The first place on our list is deservedly taken by LinguaLift. It is an app that was created for serious learners, who are looking to master a complete program.

Unlike most similar tools, LinguaLift doesn’t only teach you basic words and grammar constructions but also provides you with some extra assistance from professional tutors. The fact that it provides tutors’ support makes it one of the most effective apps for learning languages.


The next option on our list isn’t exactly a language learning app. Yet, if you send a ‘write my essay’ request to an essay service and wait a bit, you’ll see how much free time you will have. Such services help students handle their academic papers without hassle.

If your studies are in English and it is not your native language, you can use EssayWritingService to boost grades and, at the same time, improve your own vocabulary and skills.


Another great tool for becoming bilingual is Memrise. This app is very versatile as it has a very broad list of available courses. Simply put, any language you may want to master will most likely be covered here. And, what is more, using Memrise is actually fun, which makes the process much simpler and faster.

The two unique features inherent in Memrise are gamification and memes. The app uses a unique method of teaching based on creating funny associations, which allows faster memorization of words and better retention.


The next app on our list is already famous and extremely popular all over the world. It was designed to turn language classes into a fun activity that will be enjoyable to users of all ages. It seems like that goal was reached. Today, Duolingo has more than 100 million users from all across the globe, features a huge database of languages, and helps people master them with ease.

An interesting fact to know is that many courses presented in Duolingo were created by native speakers, which is one part of the app’s success. And another feature that makes it so great is gamification that makes users want to come back again and again to complete another lesson.


HelloTalk is not like any other app on our list because it takes a completely different approach to the process – it facilitates real-time speaking practice. Simply put, using HelloTalk users can connect with real native speakers and have online conversations with them via text and voice messages.

The stress of such conversation helps learners overcome their barriers and start speaking a new language faster. So, if you haven’t tried it yet, be sure to give it a shot!

​​7 Apps to Learn Languages Fast


If you are a traveler, you should definitely try TripLingo. As the name suggests, this app was designed specifically for travelers who are looking to hone their skills before going on another exciting trip.

The app is very convenient to use. One of its biggest benefits is that it features many themed categories that will come in handy for different types of travelers. For example, you can practice business phrases if you are going on a business trip, or pick the category “traveling with kids” before going on a family vacation, and the app will teach you everything you need to know to feel comfortable and safe in a foreign environment.

Rosetta Stone

Another widely recognized tool for mastering languages is Rosetta Stone. Here, the programs are all built around a philosophy “learn like a baby” which makes them very effective in terms of expanding your vocabulary. And, thanks to this approach, it is also suitable for beginners.

Nevertheless, the reason why Rosetta Stone takes only seventh place is that it works great for beginners. Yet, if you already have a higher level, you may find it a bit childish and, thus, boring.

The Bottom Line

Learning foreign languages is always a good idea. Whether you need it for your future career or just for personal development, being multilingual most certainly brings a whole lot of professional, social, and personal benefits.

Now you know that there are plenty of handy and, most importantly, effective tools that can help you in your studies except for courses. Hopefully, each of you will find something suitable for themselves in our list of the best apps. And when you do, all you need is to take the first step and stay persistent on this path. Good luck!


Lucy Bennett

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