7 Benefits of FinTech to Small Businesses

Businesses have always looked for ways to operate more efficiently and quickly to stay ahead of the competition. It’s not a surprise that technology is an essential part of modern business more than it was many years ago. But while traditionally, the focus was on using technology to automate manual tasks, businesses are now using it to generate data and work smarter.

One way technology benefits businesses is through Financial technology, or FinTech, which has made a big splash in the business world. Many companies are utilizing this new wave of innovation to cut costs and increase profits. However, many small business owners may still be wondering what FinTech is and how it can benefit them. This article will outline why FinTech is vital to the future of small businesses and how you can use it to your advantage.

7 Benefits of FinTech to Small Businesses 01

Understanding Fintech

FinTech is a broad term encompassing technology innovations in financial services. It covers many areas, including payments, insurance, investments, and banking. FinTech companies use cloud computing, mobile application design, and artificial intelligence to develop new products and services that can be offered to consumers and businesses.

Developers and consultants such as PixelPlex FinTech services help businesses to build innovative and scalable solutions for customers worldwide.

Speed and Convenience

Businesses with digitized financial services have a higher chance of, up to three times, growing their revenue. When you have a FinTech product, you’re improving convenience for your customers and all your business partners, suppliers, and vendors. This is because you streamline your financial transaction to be fast and reachable.

The good news is, developing or acquiring financial technology does not need an overhaul of your existing systems or finances. Even small businesses and startups can achieve this. You can enjoy convenient financial services across your business.

Additionally, there’s no paperwork involved in most FinTech transactions, such as filling out applications. It’s easy to complete these transactions quickly and efficiently without sacrificing privacy or security.

More Ways to Pay

One of the most popular benefits of FinTech is the ability to accept more forms of payment than ever before. If you’re looking for more ways to accept customer payments, a FinTech company can help you do that. The most common way is by offering new payment options such as Apple Pay and Venmo.

Whether someone is paying from their mobile wallets or bank accounts, they can access and remit funds to your business without hassle or the use of third-party merchants. You can accept payments easily, from fiat money to digital money and cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum ensure to read about the Ethereum merge and what it means for crypto payments.

Enhancing Customer Experience

One of the things that hamper customers experience is the worry about their privacy. Customers want to know for certain that the information they give you will not leak to the public or land in the wrong hands. But FinTech can eliminate this fear by having stringent security measures that keep customers at ease during transactions.

But besides the boosted transaction security you get from Fintech, you also get insights through tracking customer engagement habits and behavior. This helps you find ways to boost customer engagement and improve their experience with your brand. You can also integrate your FinTech application with other platforms like social media through an on-app chat system to gather more insight and attend to your customers better.

Easier Access to Financing

Smaller companies don’t have the same access to traditional financing as larger companies, so they’re often forced to rely on cash flow and personal savings or borrow money from friends or family members. Because many FinTech companies are online-only operations, they don’t have physical locations that customers need to visit; they can conduct transactions remotely through smartphones or other devices, which speeds up the process immensely.

In the past, small businesses had limited access to financing. Banks and other traditional lenders have been reluctant to lend to small businesses and startups without collateral or credit history. FinTech has changed this. Using technology and data analytics, FinTech companies can assess risk more accurately than traditional lenders and thus offer loans at lower rates.

This has allowed many new businesses to get off the ground that would never have been able to secure funding in the past. Small business owners also benefit from easy access to credit card processing. This is especially important for e-commerce businesses, which rely on credit cards as their primary payment method.

In addition, businesses can apply for merchant financing to accept payments through mobile devices or websites. The merchants can then check off with every payment done.

Cost Efficiency

Using new financial technology combines digital and physical payments on one platform, eliminating many costs from processes and third-party merchants. This works in your favor because it restricts your business budget. You can transact with various currencies without incurring too much on costs in the process.

Increased Productivity

If your business depends on employees who spend too much time manually doing tasks, you should consider adopting some automation software like accounting software or CRM systems. These programs allow employees to do their jobs more efficiently by automating specific processes, such as making payments or sending customer invoices.

This will enable them to focus on more essential tasks like answering customer inquiries or developing new ideas to grow your business further. This also eliminates a lot of errors that come with manual financial processing.

Improved Security

As mentioned elsewhere in this article, FinTech companies know how important security is to their customers, so they’re constantly working on keeping their systems safe from hackers or other criminals who want access to valuable information like credit card numbers or social security numbers. This means you don’t have to worry about breaches happening at your company because there aren’t any holes in their system that need fixing after a breach occurs elsewhere in the world.


The benefits of FinTech discussed above make it a good reason to consider integrating financial technology products into your small business. It’s the reason the financial technology market has been growing consistently if the expert forecast is anything to go by. Discuss your idea with a FinTech developer to see the options and see it come to life. Enjoy the convenience of speedy transactions and other benefits that FinTechs offer.