7 Best 9anime Alternatives To Watch Free Anime


We all know and love Naruto. But you always crave more when you finish this series. There are several other Anime out there that can settle this craving. However, like most kids growing up, I watched a ton of cartoons, specifically on places like Cartoon Network, Disney X, etc.

7 Best 9anime Alternatives To Watch Free Anime

But, as I grew up, I love to watch Anime. However, right now, the official site (9Anime) to watch my favorite Anime contain a bunch of annoying ads and poor video quality, due to which I lose my interest to watch animes anymore.

But, one day after researching a bit, I find out some really cool anime streaming sites that will probably be the best 9anime alternative. So, now I used them to watch Anime. And guess what? I’ve mentioned all those sites in the below list. Check it out

List of Best Alternative to 9Anime For Watching Anime Movies and TV Shows

To watch all the anime stuff we need the best platform that can offer us good quality content. So, these are the best alternatives to 9anime. But, it might be possible that, in your opinion, this list may be different. So, it totally depends on your choice. Here is the list:

1). AnimeHeros

Say goodbye to the poor quality of videos because you have AnimeHeros. This streaming website provides you good quality anime movies, series, etc., for free. Also, the coolest thing about this website is that it will give you two high-definition watching options ranging between 720p and 1080p.

However, it is not limited to video quality only, but it will also offer you English dubbing and underlying video, which make it more advanced than the other.

2). GoGoAnime

GoGo anime is actually a legal website that contains a lot of anime series and movies. But, the real fact is the content offers you is not legal. Yes, most of them are pirated. Yeah! There is some legit anime content to watch. But, if you really want something like Netflix type authentic, then it’s your call that whether you wish to use this website or not. However, overall you get every anime series that you want to watch in HD quality.

3). Hulu

Hulu is one of the few fan-favorite steaming and Live TV service that gives you a way to expand your entertainment. Meanwhile, there are lots of streaming platforms out there, but many don’t have all your favorite networks or even local channels. That is not the case with Hulu Live. Hulu Live is an upgrade of legacy Hulu.

It offers nearly 70 channels of live content – including local networks and its complete library of original content along with your favorite anime series and movies. However, Hulu with Live TV is the closest to replacing cable and costs $65 per month.

4). Crunchyroll

Did you watch YouTube videos? If so, then most probably, in some instance, you definitely get the Crunchyroll advertisement between or starting of your video. This is perhaps one of the best streaming websites out there. Also, if you like Anime, then the good news for you guys is that it contains more than 25,000 episodes of the latest and leading anime series videos.

So, I think you do not want to miss any of the series. So then, for whom are you waiting? Go and check out Crunchyroll. There’s a free as well as the premium version available, which costs you around $6.95 a month or $59.95 a year, and trust me! That is an excellent deal with a lot to offer.

5). 123animes

Is it worth using the 123animes website to watch anime series? Well, this is the question that peoples ask me frequently. I answered them, yes, it is worth using 123animes because it offers thousands of anime series to watch, all in high quality, without charging you a single penny.

However, the most exciting thing that I found really cool about this 9anime alternative is that it has a live chat feature that you can use to discuss with other anime fans. Moreover, all the content comes with English dubbed and subbed versions. So, we suggest you use this feature if you are getting bored using the 9anime streaming platform.

6). Animestreams

It is basically an entertainment website that is used by many users worldwide. Also, it is loved by them as this website provides numerous animes content as it is a hub of anime TV shows and movies. Also, each content comes with English subtitles, which really help us who don’t have a grip on the language in which our beloved animes were made.

7). KissAnime

KissAnime is my personal favorite anime streaming site which is offering high-quality anime videos for us. KssAnime is more famous in countries like Japan, China, and Korea. On this platform, you can enjoy your favorite anime content whenever you want.

So, now without wasting your time, go and enjoy all the latest episodes. Moreover, all the content will be English dubbed and subbed available in high-definition.


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