7 Best Free PDF Editors To Manage Your PDF Documents

A good PDF editor makes editing PDF files a super easy task. Editing PDF files are not as easy as editing other documents as it requires a separate application to make the necessary changes. A good PDF editor comes in handy in such scenarios as it helps the users to edit the document by modifying the image and text with many other additional options and further, allows them to convert the files into different formats too. Here is a list of seven PDF editors who will help you to edit the PDF file free of cost. All the basic editing of the PDF document is possible using these PDF editors.

1. Lua PDF Converter

Lua is an online PDF converter that allows the users to convert the files into a different format and makes the editing process easier. For instance, if you need to edit a PDF file, you can convert the PDF files into Word files, edit it to make the necessary changes and then convert it back from Word to PDF with just a click. In addition to converting the Word file, you can also use it to convert files of other formats like PNG and Excel to PDF. Additionally, a Lua PDF converter can be used to compress and merge the PDF documents too.

7 Best Free PDF Editors To Manage Your PDF Documents

2. Sejda

Send PDF editor allows the users to edit PDF files for free and it comes in handy when it comes to fill and sign the PDF documents. The users can directly upload an existing PDF document or start with a blank PDF file to add the content. All the files which are uploaded on Sejda remain private and are automatically deleted after two hours. The free version of Sejda allows the users to edit documents up to 200 pages or 50 MB and it supports three tasks in an hour.

3. Smallpdf

Smallpdf is one of the best online PDF editing tools available. After uploading the PDF document on Small PDF, it is possible to add text and fill forms. The files can be both uploaded and imported. It uses SSL encryption to edit the PDF documents and allows conversion between the formats too. It is a browser-based PDF editing tool that can be used across all devices.

4. Sodapdf

Sodapdf has a neat interface and comes with a wide range of editing tools. Using the Sodapdf, it is possible to edit pages by adding new pages or removing the existing pages. In addition to that, the page layout, margins and background can also be formatted. The content of the PDF file can be edited by adding texts and images and the visual appeal can be improved using the ruler and the grid tool. Once the final document is ready, the PDF file can be compressed to make sharing easy.

5. Ilovepdf

Ilovepdf is a simple PDF editor that covers all the basic editing features. The editing tools available on it can be used to add texts, shapes, comments and highlights. It is also possible to draw on the PDF documents using the Ilovepdf. After editing the PDF document, the document can be organized by merging, splitting, removing, extracting and organizing PDF. Further, it is possible to convert different documents into PDF.

6. Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat has made the entire procedure of editing all the PDF documents super fast. It is easier to add comments, freehand drawings and texts on the PDF document. Adding comments using this PDF editor is possible from all the web browsers. Adobe Acrobat is the creator of PDF format and therefore, it supports plenty of online tools which are required to edit the PDF files with confidence and without the need to use any other PDF editor.

7. DocFly

DocFly can be used to create, edit and convert PDF files. Editing options available for the PDF documents include adding, erasing and highlighting texts. Further, it is possible to add images and signatures. It is also possible to watermark the documents on DocFly. The PDF documents can also be saved and secured using a password. DocFly also provides the users with the option to start working on a PDF right from scratch. The only limitation of DocFly is that its free version only supports three document editing in a month.