7 Best Watches for Pilots & Private Jet Owners


Distinction can be one of the factors you can use when buying accessories. If you work in the aviation industry as a pilot or are a jet owner then buying a watch is a fine art and should take careful consideration. Pilot watches are perfect not only for pilots but also for the lucky people who have purchased their own private jets. That said, check out these 7 best pilot watches available right now.

7 Best Watches for Pilots & Private Jet Owners

1. Garmin D2 Delta PX Aviator Smartwatch

7 Best Watches for Pilots & Private Jet Owners

A professional watch for aviators and frequent flyers, the D2 Delta sports a pulse oximeter sensor to check your blood oxygen saturation levels with a single touch.

The aviator smartwatch boasts avionics and smartphone connectivity, auto-logging, airport data, weather feature and dynamic color mapping. It can also play music and is very comfortable to wear.

2. Rolex Pepsi GMT-Master

7 Best Watches for Pilots & Private Jet Owners

The GMT-Master line was originally intended for use by pilots who would fly long distances and had the ability to display two time zones at once.

The Pepsi model is sleek, and features the brand’s blue and red colors within a stainless steel bracelet and case combo. The bezel also divides night and day in 12-hour segments.

3. IWC Big Pilot Heritage

7 Best Watches for Pilots & Private Jet Owners

IWC has made a watch that truly deserves to sit on a flyer’s wrist. The long and short hands are shaped like propellers, and the crown is made extra large for functionality’s sake.

The mechanical pilot watch is practical yet exudes both modern and traditional styling thanks to its leather strap and titanium case.

4. Casio EF52RD-1AV Edifice

7 Best Watches for Pilots & Private Jet Owners

Casio offers a watch that’s a representation of aviation watches and their high-tech ingenuity. Its Edifice model is undeniably stylish and houses a few notable inclusions of top-notch watch engineering.

The watch is water-resistant and sports a rotating inner bezel and 1/20 second chronograph for calculations, as well as a date window. Silver-toned markers provide a sophisticated aesthetic that looks great on any pilot or private jet owner’s wrist.

5. Breitling Aviator 8 Automatic

7 Best Watches for Pilots & Private Jet Owners

If you want a pop of color then the Aviator 8 is a must-have. It’s relatively straightforward and modestly-sized at just 41 millimeters, and yet boasts automatic movement and luminous numerals that glow in the dark.

6. Timex Intelligent Fly-Back

7 Best Watches for Pilots & Private Jet Owners

Black and gold represent a classic vintage look that appeals to flyers of all walks of life. The Intelligent Quartz Fly-Back comes in other colors but there’s something about the combination of tan and black stainless steel that complements pilots’ wrists.

You get a fly-back chronograph, a second time zone and a 3 o’ clock date window, as well as an Indiglo backlight for reading the time regardless of light conditions.

7. Vincero The Altitude

7 Best Watches for Pilots & Private Jet Owners

The Altitude is versatile in a way that you can wear it to a formal event or when flying through the skies.

Large luminous dials allow for 24/7 viewing, and the Cordura nylon strap is nearly indestructible. It’s definitely a good pilot watch to consider.

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