7 Great Tech Tools That Will Make Student’s Life Easier

With the introduction of new technologies to our world, a great number of changes have come to the lives of many students. Of course, a student’s life is a tough one, but with the many tools that have been created, such a life can be made easier.

7 Great Tech Tools That Will Make Student’s Life Easier

Digital tools are now being created to meet the special needs of students as well as to change the productivity of students. Students are usually faced with tons of challenges every day. With this in mind, developers across the globe have worked on great technology tools that can make things a lot easier. In case you are not aware of some of these technologies, this article will help you know some of them.

7 Great Tech Tools That Will Make Student's Life Easier

Here’s the deal:

1.             Microsoft Office

When it comes to the top workspaces that can be accessed digitally by students, Microsoft Office is never left out of the picture. As a student, you will be faced with the task of working on presentations and documents based on school concepts and works. To help make things a lot easier, you can use Microsoft Office.

The Microsoft Office is a collection of software tools that deliver various functionalities for school work. Within this collection, students can find Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and other tools that come in handy in creating graphics, presentations, and academic documents. Asides providing these functionalities, using the software is extremely easy as its interface is specifically built for students.

2.             Evernote

As a student, you will always have to organize tasks and take notes during lectures. The technology tool of Evernote is a software designed to solve this kind of task. In other words, Evernote is an app that allows scholars to take notes, manage tasks, and of course, organize their tasks.

7 Great Tech Tools That Will Make Student’s Life Easier

Evernote was created a couple of months ago. Today, the app is regarded as one of the most essential apps for students due to its simplicity and unique interface for note-taking. Usually, scholars are met with a lot of tasks. To ensure they meet up with each task, keeping a list of these tasks can help. This is where Evernote comes into the picture. And apart from organizing tasks, the app comes in handy during a lecture as you can easily take notes.

3.             CampusBookRentals

For some scholars today, buying textbooks can be an expensive thing to do. If you are someone who is in college and find it expensive to purchase books, then there is a new option for you to consider. With the help of CampusBookRentals, you can rent books for even cheaper rates.

In case you are short on cash and cannot afford to purchase a textbook at the moment, CampusBookRentals can always come in handy. The technology tool allows you to search for textbooks that you need on your campus and simply get them on rental. This means you have to pay less cash and get them for a particular amount of time. When you are done with the textbook, all you have to do is return it with free shipping.

4.             Rescue Time

Some of the difficulties scholars experience include keeping track of their time and managing it. These can lead to several problems. However, with the help of an app that keeps track of a scholar’s time and tells them how much of it they have used on websites.

7 Great Tech Tools That Will Make Student’s Life Easier

By knowing what websites consume your productivity, you can easily reset your focus and work on avoiding platforms that take too much of your time, thereby causing you to forgo some important tasks.

5.             EdX

EdX offers scholars a chance to study from a whole new point of view. Sometimes the explanation of concepts that comes from your lecturer might not always be enough. During a time like this, EdX can always come in handy. The technology tool is designed to offer a collection of courses from top universities around the world.

6.             Coursera

Coursera is another tool that is regarded as one of the top platforms for online learning today. The platform comes as an amazing tool where students are can gain access to a wide range of courses that can help them learn more about special concepts. Although many other platforms offer similar functionalities, however, the processes, plans, as well as the interfaces, are a lot different.

7.             EssayYoda

Sometimes, you do not have enough time to write those essays. As a scholar, you should be ready to deal with this by paying for the services of professional essay writers. Usually, scholars need paper help and getting a service that offers one is sure to help them prepare professional research papers.


Many challenges are faced as a student. To make things easier, diving into the use of certain tools can be done. However, finding a tool that works great with supporting your life as a student can be tough work. Luckily, the above-listed technology tools are some of the best tools that can help make the life of a student a lot easier.