7 Interesting Ways In Which Cellphone Can Benefit Kids


Nowadays, cellphones have occupied a large part of children’s lives; their confidante is smartphones. And no matter how much you force, you cannot really dissociate kids from cell phones, due to various dependencies and unavoidable circumstances.

7 Interesting Ways In Which Cellphone Can Benefit Kids

But just as you would insist them on wearing kids sunglasses out in the harsh sunlight when using smartphones and computers is unavoidable, the best is to ensure moderation.

It is a fact that smartphones have their downsides, but parents can still teach their children about the benefits of having smartphones and how they can use the gadgets responsibly. When used properly, smartphones can actually benefit kids in interesting ways.

Child’s education: 

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the education dynamics have undergone a massive paradigm shift. Today, children spend a lot of their time on smartphones learning. Most schools and colleges organize online classes for the convenience of all. Since the internet is easily accessible, the scope of learning new things has even broadened. 

Children can stay connected to their loved ones: 

Facetiming with grandparents who live miles away or keeping in touch with working parents via video calling is a breeze. The constant need to be connected to their parents is somewhat achievable because of smartphones and the internet, of course! 

No need to carry bulky textbooks, assignments, etc.: 

With cloud storage systems, digital notepads, books, and more, children are no more required to carry heavy bags to schools or colleges. 

Inspiration for children: 

Teaching your kids to practice yoga, mindfulness, and exercises is now very easy. You can watch videos together and get inspired together. Your child is ready to soak up all the information; you just have to help them do it intuitively. In fact, you can encourage your child to watch creative videos, shows, and more to practice with them later. This could be a great way to get entertained together and spend quality time.

With proper guidance, your child can learn to be self-sufficient: 

Teach them to restrain themselves from overusing smartphones by allowing them to decide how much time they want to spend on their smartphones early on. This way, they will be able to practice self-awareness in their lives. In addition, calendar and planner apps help students to improve time management skills, encourage discipline and stay on top of their studies.

Using smartphones in an emergency: 

Emergencies can pop up at any time. You should empower your child by helping them learn to access emergency services quickly with the help of a smartphone. This offers a sense of security. 

An aid to review and remember what they learn: 

Studies can be too overwhelming. Students are expected to remember chapters, and quizzes, take notes and go through those. A smartphone can help them with all these things and more. They can record classroom sessions, take notes on digital notepads, review chapters, remember quizzes, share the screen with parents or tutors while practicing test papers, and more. 

A smartphone is a gift of technology. However, teach your child to absorb only the beneficial information on the internet. Help them learn what is good for them and what is not. 

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