7 Most Affordable Microwave Ovens in the Market

Can you think of anyone who doesn’t love to eat deliciously prepared meals? As Indians, we can’t imagine a life without good food, and what makes cooking such a pleasurable affair for us? A microwave oven. Efficient cooking has now become a child’s play with the advent of microwave ovens. Now you can prepare exotic dishes and surprise your family members now and then. Still don’t have one? You are missing out. Believe it or not, you have the option to buy a microwave oven at an affordable price. Know the microwave oven price today to welcome your new kitchen mate as soon as possible.

Now we will look at the seven most affordable microwave ovens in the Indian market. 

1. LG 20 L Solo Microwave Oven: 

This feature-packed microwave oven comes with intelligent wave technology to ensure that the cooking is done correctly with even heat distribution. It is energy efficient because it turns off the display if the system remains inactive for more than 5 minutes. Plus, the auto cook menu makes the preparation of delicious dishes super easy. Check the LG microwave oven price today and prepare scrumptious dishes with one touch of a button to take the edge off all your cravings since you are just a click away from serving the most delicious meal. 

2. Panasonic Solo Microwave oven: 

This is the perfect choice for bachelors and spinsters living alone. The attractive appearance is not the end-all. The microwave oven is loaded with features. It has five power levels that you can choose from. The multistage cooking option helps your food have an appealing texture. The heat is evenly distributed, so food heats up really quickly. Furthermore, the sleek surface makes it extremely easy to clean the microwave oven. Overall, you can invest in this microwave oven without thinking twice. 

3. LG 20L Grill with Glass Door: 

Check out the LG microwave oven price now because this multipurpose microwave oven comes with a quartz heater to protect your hands from burning. The i-wave patented technology helps in cooking meals faster and in a healthier way. The microwave circulation is also even within the anti-bacteria cavity. Needless to mention that this microwave oven comes with an auto cook menu so that you can prepare your favourite recipes with ease. 

4. IFB Solo microwave oven: 

Reliability and durability are two terms you can associate with this cooking buddy. The most user-friendly turntable is built with proper support and doesn’t wear out quickly. The microwave oven is perfect for small families or for individual use. It is very affordable and performs all the fundamental cooking duties quite well.

5. Bajaj 20 L Grill Microwave Oven: 

Bajaj is a known brand in the country. They are the manufacturers of the most durable microwave oven in India. Enhance your cooking experience with this one, as it comes with a multistage cooking feature so that you can prepare tasty dishes every day. Furthermore, the thermal fuse feature ensures safety as it prevents the microwave oven from getting overheated. The sleek design will enthral you for sure, and the grilling experience will make you want to cook even more. 

6. BPL 20 L Convection Microwave Oven: 

BPL is one of the most trusted names when it comes to affordability and functionality. The microwave oven has a convection cooking feature that makes baking so much fun. The quick defrost mode facilitates the thawing of meat, fish, frozen corn, and more within minutes. The frame of this microwave oven is made of stainless steel to protect it from corrosion due to rusting. It further comes with a protective covering making the microwave oven scratch-resistant. 

7. LG 20L Solo with Glass Door: 

Reheat, defrost, and cook quickly with this microwave oven. It is affordable and serves its purpose pretty well. The energy-saving feature turns off the display screen within 5 minutes of inactivity. The hygienic and protective sheath within the cavity prevents bacterial growth and germ infestation and supports easy cleaning.  LG microwave oven price is affordable, and it has an impressive star rating which makes it evident that Indians love this cooking mate. Good news, people! Reap the most significant benefits from your Bajaj Finserv EMI Network card as it will allow you to opt for a no-cost EMI option along with mind-blowing discounts and attractive price offers on microwave ovens.  

Check out the guiding list above and choose the most suitable one for you. Cooking delectable dishes every day is an easy affair now. 

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