7 tips for buying a screen protector for Apple iPhone 12


An essential part of any smartphone is its fragile display. Whether it is an ordinary smartphone or the premium range of Apple iPhone, thedisplay is still prone to cracks, scratches or breakage.

7 tips for buying a screen protector for Apple iPhone 12

If you are a proud owner of Apple iPhone 12, then you might want to keep your iPhone’s surface pristine by using a perfect iPhone 12 screen protector. After all, the Apple iPhone screens are one of the expensive elements to replace on the iPhone. So why not safeguard it using a screen protector?

Screen guards can protect your precious gadget’s screen against cracks, scratches and low-level drops. However, buying a perfect Apple iPhone 12 screen protector is more complicated than it should be. 

Here’s a quick guide to understanding screen protectors and all the features you must look for in an ideal iPhone 12 screen protector.

1. Composition of the screen protector

The screen protectors almost look the same to the layman, but they highly differ in quality. You must be careful about the specification of materials used before buying a screen protector.

The screen protectors must be made from the premiumquality materials to deliver the right quality. The screen protectors are made from a variety of materials such as thin plastics, rigid plastics and tempered glass. There are also screen protectors with a hybrid composition made of different materials.

Out of all types of screen protectors, the tempered glass screen protector provides the highest level of protection for your screen. Tempered glass screen protectors are made up of reinforced multiple layered glasses.  In terms of scratch and drop protection, they are more durable than their plastic counterparts. A tempered glass protector will crack before your actual screen cracks if your phone drops on face.

 Moreover, the tempered glass almost blends into the aesthetics of your phone and does not peel off easily. However, you must choose a high-quality material because if the glass is low quality, the screen protector may break easily. 

2. Quality of coating

The quality of coating in the tempered glass screen protector depends on the smoothness of the screen protector coating. It must be high enough to allow you to glide smoothly over the screen. 

The tempered glass protectors of inferior quality often have a grainy surface. A coarse texture will ruin your iPhone 12 experience during sliding and gaming. It will also collect dust, water and leave fingerprints.

So to avoid fingerprints and oil marks, you must choose an Apple iPhone 12 screen protector with Oleophobic coating. Oleophobic materials usually lack an affinity to oils; thus, it keeps fingerprint spots off of a glass panel. Apart from keeping the grease and oil at bay, the oleophobic coating makes the display slick to touch. The fingerprints won’t stick on your screen. A swipe with a micro-fibre cloth will get the screen rid of the oil and make your screen look brand new again.

3. Thickness

A lot of Apple iPhone users choose a thick screen protector over the flimsy ones. As per touch and feel, the thinner protector feels good. However, it offers inadequate protection.

 If you are among those unlucky clumsy folks, who often drop their phones, then you can go on to try a thick protector as they are durable. It would be best if you kept in mind the fact that thick protectors are often bulky and they reduce the transparency.

We recommend you to choose a screen protector that is neither too thin nor too thick. There must be an optimal balance between the thickness, feel and durability. You can choose between 0.3mm- 0.5mm.

4. Coverage and Appearance 

The appearance of the screen protector plays a significant role in the aspect of your gadget. You may not like tocompromise the appearance of your brand new Apple iPhone 12. 

Besides, Apple iPhone 12 has come out a bit more stylish this year with a bit more squared edges than the rounded ones on current models. According to analysts, a 2.5D glass makes a perfect iPhone 12 screen protector. The 2.5 D tempered glass screen protector undergoes the glass sweep machine chamfering, and the product feels smoother.

 A 2.5 D protector can look not only pleasing on your iPhone but also provide pretty protection to the whole display of your Apple iPhone 12. It will avoid any unsightly gaps around the edges and will fit perfectly.

5. The Clarity of the Glass

Isn’t it painful if your Apple iPhone 12 screen protector reduces the clarity the high-quality OLED display of your screen? To have high transparency, you must never choose plastic protectors as they tend to scratch and lose clarity over time. Always choose a tempered glass screen protector over plastic material for maximum clarity. 

The transparency percentage determines the viewing experience. You must make sure not to choose a transparency rate below 99 % if you aim for the best protector. You may be surprised to know that even 95% transparency is a bad quality. 

6.9H – Hardness 

If you are looking forward to an ultimate scratch-resistant screen protector for Apple iPhone 12, then the most crucial feature you must look for is the 9H hardness. 9H refers to the Moh scale of mineral hardness. The 9H hardness is the toughest of all standards. It means your iPhone 12 screen protector is strong enough to resist getting scratched by a 9H pencil. 

So,an iPhone 12 screen protector of 9H hardness offers high scratch resistancesharpest objects andoffers high-level protection.

Swiss Armour offers premium tempered glass iPhone 12 screen protectors, that measure 9H on the Moh’s hardness scale. The Swiss’ armour tempered glass is made using Asahi Glass, which is, in fact, a product of the largest glass manufacturing company in the world.

7. Perfect Alignment

If you are a smartphone user, you may be aware of the struggles encountered during installation of tempered glass screen protectors. The most annoying issue is the appearance of bubbles. You must be very careful otherwise you will end up trapping air between your phone screen and the protector which can later displace, causing your tempered glass to peel away.

So, to avoid running into these typical troubles, you must take care to never compromise on the quality of screen protectors you use. The PerfectAlign™ technology ensures perfect centring and easy installation of the glass over the smartphone screen. It comes with a perfect fitting frame and a peel-off sticker. All you have to do is place the tray over the phone, press the centre, peel off the sticker and remove the tray!


So we hope this article was useful enough to help top choose a perfect iPhone 12 screen protector.

It would be best if you choose to go for a tempered glass screen protector with 9H hardness, oleophobic coating, a transparency rate of 99%—these features along with technology that allows perfect aligning makes an ideal iPhone 12 screen protector.

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