7 Tips to Answer 100% of Calls and Inquiries This Coming Holiday Season

Lucy Bennett
By Lucy Bennett  - Contributing Editor
7 Tips to Answer 100% of Calls and Inquiries This Coming Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, every business owner knows it’s that time of the year again – when customer calls and inquiries flood like a tidal wave.

It’s a critical period to make significant sales and keep your customers happy. But how can you ensure that every call and inquiry is attended to, ensuring no opportunity slips through the cracks? Well, we’ve got some juicy tips for you!

7 Tips to Answer 100% of Calls and Inquiries This Coming Holiday Season

The holiday rush isn’t just a phrase for shoppers; it’s a reality for businesses too. The phone rings off the hook, email inboxes overflow, and the customer service team is busier than a beehive.

It’s the season of joy and where swift, efficient, and effective response to calls and inquiries can make all the difference in your business performance. Ensuring every customer is attended to is not just good service—it’s smart business.

A missed call can easily translate to a missed opportunity. So, how do you ensure every ring, beep, or ping gets the attention it deserves?

Tips to Answer Every Call and Inquiry During the Holidays

It’s time to transform that daunting flood of calls and inquiries into a well-orchestrated symphony of efficient customer service.

Train Your Contact Center Agents

Your contact center agents are the front liners, the brave souls who face the avalanche of customer inquiries. Training is not just beneficial—it’s essential.

Equip your agents with the necessary skills, information, and tools to handle inquiries effectively and professionally.

Keep them updated on the latest products, policies, and promotions so they can provide accurate and helpful information to the customers. A well-informed agent is a powerful asset, capable of turning inquiries into sales and complaints into compliments.

Utilize Online Resources and Support

In the digital age, customers are not just reaching out via calls but through emails, social media, and your website.

Online resources and support can be a lifesaver during the holiday rush. Enhance your website with FAQs, guides, and tutorials to help customers self-serve for common issues or inquiries.

Ensure your online support is visible, accessible, and ready to assist customers immediately. The internet never sleeps, and neither should your online support!

Use Smart Scheduling to Ensure Coverage

During the holiday season, every second counts. Smart scheduling ensures that you have enough hands on deck at all times.

Analyze the patterns from the previous years to predict the peak times and schedule your staff accordingly. A well-staffed contact center means shorter customer wait times and a more manageable workload for your agents.

It’s all about being there when your customers need you the most, ready to turn every call and inquiry into a jolly customer experience.

Implement the Latest Technology

Meet the superheroes of the digital customer service world: chatbots and AI assistants. These tech marvels are your 24/7 customer service agents, always ready to assist.

A virtual business phone system can handle common inquiries, provide instant responses, and ensure customer is on time. During the holiday rush, they can be the extra pair of hands you need to manage the increased volume of inquiries, ensuring every customer receives a timely and accurate response.

Prepare for Common Objections

The holidays are a time for joy, but also a time for objections. Every business will face its fair share of concerns and objections during this bustling season.

Preparation for common objections is key. Equip your team with well-crafted responses, offer special deals, or provide additional information to address these concerns. Turning an objection into an opportunity is an art, and preparation is the brush that paints the masterpiece of customer satisfaction.

Embrace Multichannel Communication

Multichannel communication is no longer a luxury but a necessity in today’s interconnected world. Customers are contacting via phone, email, social media, live chat, and even text messages.

Implement a multichannel strategy to ensure that you’re ready and available to respond no matter how a customer contacts you. Integrate your communication channels for seamless transitions and consistent service.

It’s all about being where your customers are, ready to offer swift, efficient, and personalized responses.

Create a Rapid Response Team

Speed and efficiency are your allies in the thick of the holiday rush. Consider establishing a rapid response team: a specialized group of agents trained to handle high-priority issues or a surge in inquiries.

They step in when the volume spikes, ensuring every customer receives timely attention. This team can also focus on resolving complex issues, freeing up other agents to handle more straightforward inquiries.

In the season of hustle and bustle, a rapid response team can be the calm amidst the storm, ensuring every call and inquiry is answered with precision and speed.

So, as the holiday bells start jingling and customers begin to flood your lines with inquiries and calls, remember – preparation is king.

A well-trained team, enhanced online support, smart scheduling, tech-assisted service, and a strategy to tackle objections head-on is your ticket to a season of happy customers and ringing tills. Get ready to turn every ring, ping, and ding into a song of success this holiday season!

Ways to Handle Objections During the Holiday Season

We’ve all been there – you present a stellar sales pitch, and just when you think you’ve sealed the deal, an objection is thrown into the mix.

During the holiday season, these objections can skyrocket due to the heightened pressures and expectations of the season.

Here’s the golden nugget: objections aren’t roadblocks, they’re stepping stones to a deeper understanding of your customer’s needs and an opportunity to fine-tune your offerings.

Anticipate Objections and Have Responses Ready

Anticipation is your secret weapon. Think of it as your business crystal ball, giving you a sneak peek into the possible objections your customers might raise.

Analyze the trends, understand the common concerns, and craft well-thought-out, personalized responses for each. Having these responses at the tip of your fingers ensures you’re not caught off-guard and can provide immediate, confident, and convincing responses that turn hesitations into affirmations.

Highlight the Urgency of Solving Their Pain Points

A unique sense of urgency characterizes the holiday season. Everyone’s in a rush to get the perfect gifts, the best deals, and to wrap up the year in style.

Align this urgency with solving the customers’ pain points. Highlight the urgency by showcasing how your product or service is not just a want, but a need that requires immediate attention. Illustrate the consequences of delay and the benefits of immediate action, making your offering a solution, not just a purchase.

Tips for Post-Demo Objections

You’ve given a killer demo, but objections still hover in the air. No worries, this is your moment to shine, to transform doubts into decisions.

Post-demo objections are not rejections; they’re opportunities to provide further clarity, reassurance, and value.

Ask for Context of Their Situation in January

Asking for context for their situation come January is an insightful strategy to understand the root of their objections.

It opens a window into their plans, budgets, and priorities for the New Year. With this information, you can tailor your responses to their needs and concerns for the upcoming year. It’s about making your product or service a pivotal part of their New Year strategy.

Offer Promotions or Discounts Until the End of the Year

Who doesn’t love a good deal, especially during the holiday season? Promotions or discounts can be the golden ticket to overcome post-demo objections. It adds an extra layer of value and urgency to your offering.

Make these promotions time-bound, extending till the end of the year to instill a sense of urgency. It’s not just about offering a discount; it’s about making your product or service an opportunity too good to miss.

Provide Customized Solutions

Every client is unique; sometimes, a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t cut it. Customized solutions can be the magic wand that turns objections into approvals. After the demo, take the time to understand the client’s specific needs, challenges, and objectives.

Then, tailor your offering to fit their unique requirements like a glove. Show them that you’re not just offering a product or service but a customized solution to their needs. This personalized touch can turn the tide, transforming a hesitant prospect into a committed customer.

Sealing the Deal with Grace

Post-demo objections can indeed be stepping stones to sealing the deal. With insights into the client’s January context, enticing promotions, and the allure of customized solutions, every objection becomes a pathway to deeper understanding and mutual alignment.

In the dance of sales, these steps can lead to a graceful finale where objections dissolve, and agreements emerge.

Every ‘but’ and ‘what if’ is not a roadblock but a stepping stone to collaboration, alignment, and a sealed deal. Make the post-demo phase a discovery, alignment, and mutual victory dance.


As the holiday bells jingle, arming your team with strategies to handle every call and inquiry becomes paramount.

Every step is crucial, from intensive training and smart scheduling to implementing AI and chatbots, and preparing for common objections.

Even post-demo, understanding the client’s context and offering customized solutions are key. As the year winds down, these tips ensure that every call is an opportunity, every objection a stepping stone to success.

Here’s to a holiday season of seamless communication, satisfied customers, and soaring sales! Cheers!

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By Lucy Bennett Contributing Editor
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