7 Top Mobile Apps to Ensure Your Child’s Safety

The current share of the mobile app is over $108 million, and the experts predict it to reach around $311k million by 2023. It alone shows how crazy people are about apps. Furthermore, smart gadgets are boosting the market share of apps in the world.

Child’s Safety

We can find apps on various niches, from entertainment to news to sports. If you are a parent (assuming you are as you are reading this article), you should be happy to know that there are apps that can ensure your child’s safety.

7 Top Mobile Apps to Ensure Your Child’s Safety

Top 7 Mobile Apps to take control of your child’s security

You will come across hundreds of safety apps, and it is not possible to download each one of them. In this article, I’ve compiled a list of seven top mobile apps to save your precious time.

Find my Kids

Find my Kids is one of the most popular safety apps out there on the market. You can download it on your smartphone and also your child’s smartwatch. It has plenty of features that make sure your child is not in danger.

SPIN Safe Browser

Smart gadgets are not limited to adults these days. Even kids have access to smartphones and the internet, and it is not a wise thing to make your kids unaware of the world of technology. With that said, you cannot leave your kids on their own, as there is plenty of inappropriate content on the internet.

SPIN Safe Browser is the solution to your anxiety. Once you install the SPIN browser, it automatically blocks all the inappropriate content without any configurational settings. Even if the child can access YouTube, it will detect the inappropriate content and prevent it.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky is a well-known software that secures small and massive information systems. It also has a mobile app that can ensure the safety of your child. The basic free plan allows you to monitor your kids’ activities in their browser. All you need to do is install this app on your child’s smartphone.

You will have a dedicated interface to set rules. If your child violates the standard, you will get a notification. 

Safety for Kids

The best way to keep your children away from the danger is by educating them. With Safety for Kids, your child learns via the method of gaming. The developed has created 12 chapters in this app to inform your children about various safety topics. Some of the things that your children will learn via this gaming app are:

  • What can you do when you are alone, and someone knocks at your door?
  • How to deal with a situation where you are lost somewhere?
  • What should you do when you are stuck in an elevator?
Safety for Kids

You can listen to what is happening to your child with a listen feature and track your child’s movement. In addition to these features, it also has SOS capability, which will give you a different alert that will let you know that your child is in serious trouble.


A bark app is an incredible tool for monitoring a variety of data sources via one app. You can track emails, social media platforms, and more via this app. It will help in preventing your child from cyberbullying, sexting, and depression. It has smart text analytics that will catch any suspicious acts on various platforms.

Baby monitor HD

Baby monitor HD is a superb app for parents who need to take care of a toddler, even when you’re outside of your room. It allows you to monitor your baby while taking care of your household chores.

You can take advantage of its infrared night mode, and audio alert features to keep yourself stress-free.


iEmergency is a final app on the list. You can store important information by creating a profile of a specific person in your family. The information that you can hold in this app is allergy triggers, prescriptive medicines, hospital affiliation, and more. It is a handy app to keep health emergencies away from your loved ones.

My Final Take

Although the apps that I’ve mentioned are powerful, I do not recommend you to download every one of them without doing your due diligence. Which apps are you going to download at first? Let us know by leaving your thoughts below.