7 Valorant Gameplay Tricks You (Probably) Didn’t Know

No matter how skilled you are at video games, this tactical shooter game will challenge you. Valorant is free to play, yet winning the game is easier said than done. Apart from being tactical, you must understand how the heroes in Valorant behave and their abilities. Furthermore, you need to grab some gameplay tricks to make the most of your experience.

The more you play, the more you discover. From throwing curveballs to detonating Viper’s grenades, there are many other gameplay tricks you probably didn’t know existed. If you’re looking forward to spiking your Valorant gameplay, check out these Valorant cheats.

7 Valorant Gameplay Tricks You (Probably) Didn't Know

7 Valorant Gameplay Tricks You (Probably) Didn’t Know About

Meanwhile, join us as we unveil the Valorant gameplay tricks!

1.   You can retrieve unused gadgets

You can retrieve some utilities and gadgets in Valorant from the map (only if not activated or used). You can redeploy the utilities or gadgets as many times as possible. However, once you use or activate the utilities, you cannot retrieve them again.

Examples of gadgets you can retrieve in a map include Cypher’s tripwire or camera, Viper’s grenades, etc.

Although some players may neglect these gadgets, picking them up is vital as they can come in handy at a point in the game round.

2.   Stay Quiet. Running is Loud

Although running is the pre-set movement speed of characters in Valorant, it’s advisable to walk instead.

Walking keeps you almost undetectable as it leaves you with no footstep noise. Running, on the other hand, is loud. You can even see how far your footstep sound travels via the mini-map.

Making loud noises in Valorant exposes you to unknown attacks from enemies. While walking might be slower, it allows you to shoot more accurately and quickly, unlike running.

However, you can always run away from enemies if they already know your position. Whether you’re playing solo or as a team, try your best to stay quiet.

3.   Do the Strafe and Counter Strafe trick.

To strafe in Valorant means moving from one side to another, shooting, and taking cover simultaneously. The counter strafe means to speed up your strafing. Here you’ll be spraying bullets faster and taking cover swiftly as well.

Whether you strafe or do the counter strafing, both will help you get high kills and live through the round.

4.   Practice in Deathmatch Mode

Without any particular objective, practicing in Deathmatch mode allows you to devise targets and objectives. Furthermore, it allows you to practice with characters you could see in the main game.

When practicing in Deathmatch mode, be specific about the skill you want to perfect. You may want to get better at aiming, sneaking, strafing, or counter-strafing.

Deathmatch mode is the best place for you to play around and perfect your skills.

5.   Play contracts to unlock new agents

The more contracts you play, the more Valorant Agents you unlock for free. You may wish to choose a particular contract to explore and experience a new side of the game. In Valorant, playing any contract from Level 1 to 5 means Stage 1, and from Level 6 to 10 means Stage 2.

If you can reach up to Stage 5, which requires playing about 25 levels in the game, you can stand a chance to unlock the rewards it offers, which include cash, agents, etc. On the other hand, you can also unlock agents by playing some contracts from level 1 to 5.

6.   Purchase Armor, not only Guns

Purchasing guns in Valorant is exciting. However, guns alone in a fight can’t keep you alive. Support your rifle with armor. By purchasing armor, you can prevent immediate death from enemy shots.

Every player in Valorant has a 100-hit point. Fighting with no armor means you’re not going to last. If not mistaken, one or more bullets will take you out.

So, remember to purchase armor while purchasing and upgrading weapons. They are worth investing in as they will help prolong your life as you play through the round.

7.   Play with Agents with powerful Abilities

Valorant has about 18 agents with special abilities. Apart from fighting with guns, they can use their abilities to cause huge damage to enemy players. You can choose the agents with the most powerful abilities.

Brimstone is a Controller that can fire incendiary grenades at the enemy. Phoenix and his Curveball powers make him matchless for the enemies. There are lots of them. You can choose whichever suits your gameplay.


If you’ve never made the most of your Valorant gaming experience, you can try these tricks and see the difference. Apart from improving your gameplay experience, these tricks will help you win more rounds in Valorant.

 Play with agents that have super-powerful abilities. Remember your armor when purchasing weapons. More importantly, walk quietly.