Android app development has undergone an immense transformation, all thanks to evolving technology and internet tools. App development companies have constantly upgraded their skills, tools, and database to ensure efficiently designed platforms for developers. 

7 Well known Tools and Resources for Android Developers

Innovation is the right key to survival in this industry, and hence every android app builder makes sure that they provide something unique and user-friendly to end customers.

Professionals aspire to become Android developers worldwide, and this is possible only when one has extensive knowledge of essential android development tools and the newest technology in the industry. Undoubtedly, programs like Java, XML, etc., are an intricate part of the development process. 

Moreover, there are arrays of platforms available, making it difficult to choose and work with them. Therefore, it is crucial to understand which tools are more important and influential than others.

Here are a few new-age tools that every developer should know and consider.

1. Android Studio

Android studio is one of the most reliable and consistent tools. It has every app-building aspect covered under one roof. The platform has been dedicated to Android and hence allows building excellent applications for all devices. Google has also used this platform for developing android systems. Some remarkable aspects of this platform are:

  • Visual design tool
  • The excellent code editing system
  • APK analyzing tool
  • Flexibility in terms of the build system
  • Real-time analyzing tool

Android studio has evolved through various versions, and app developers have increasingly appreciated the latest version across the globe. It facilitates developers to work with the newest version of Android- 9 pie.

2. Eclipse

Eclipse is also one of the best android chrome developer tools. It is open-source, primarily based on Java, and however, it is also used for developing apps in various programming languages. 

The feature is facilitated through plugins like C, C++, ABAP, etc. Although this tool has been working on basic Java, significant companies still use it to develop their apps since it is user-friendly and can be modified easily by combining various plugins.

3. IntelliJ IDEA

This tool has been designed and developed by the company JetBrains. This tool aims to enhance the productivity of the programmer by rendering quick and valuable tools. Professionals developing android apps understand that this industry is dynamic, and the innovators tend to become the leaders. This aspect makes time and efficiency a vital aspect of the design process. 

IntelliJ IDEA has supported such developers by offering a range of tools that help frame unique ideas into useful apps. The company provides a free one-year version for students and an open-source edition. However, those who wish to use all the offered features like code analysis and completion, refactoring tools, etc., need to pay for the services. But considering the output, it is worth investing.

4. Corona Labs

Gaming apps have been a great success with the introduction of Android-based mobile technology. This scenario led to the advent of platforms that focus on android app development tools related to gaming. Corona labs are one framework that offers tools focusing on gaming apps. It is a 2D-development tool and is free of cost for app developers. This platform allows cross-platform apps apart from games. Developers can also design apps for desktop systems.

One needs to know the Lua programming language for using this platform. There are various plugins offered, making gaming apps easy to design and operate. This platform allows the developer to test his projects on several devices simultaneously via Live Builds. It is, thus, a handy and reliable tool for app development.

5. B4X

B4X is another eminent and preferred tool for app development, and it is offered by Anywhere Software and is based on BASIC language. This tool is a fantastic platform for beginners since the features are simple yet valuable. 

Professionals without expertise in Java can use the tools without any hassles. It, therefore, is one of the most favored platforms amongst app developers who wish to begin android app development without codingknowledge.

6. Android SDK

Another significant development platform is Android SDK, where SDK stands for the software development kit. Whenever the Android version is upgraded, an appropriate SDK is also designed and introduced, enabling professionals to develop apt apps with the latest features. 

It offers the entire set of debugging as well as development tools for the latest available android version. Some significant features of the latest version of SDK are the development toolkit, documentation, compilation tools, android support, SDK resources, Google API, etc.

Android SDK serves as the best IDE for android app development since it creates an effective interface for developers, saving time and effort. In addition, the SDK package simplifies the app development process. 

This development tool can be obtained from Google directly, which makes it easy access for all developers. The platform’s directory consists of all necessary IDEs that help developers design and implement valuable apps in no time.

7. Unity     

Unity has emerged as a powerful app development platform, which facilitates both the 2D and 3D development of apps. It is one of the bestandroid game development toolssince it can be used for gaming and other apps. 

The 3-dimension platform offers an editing tool that allows storytelling, advanced tools for profile development, real-time scanning, and analysis. Developers can also design apps based on technologies like virtual reality. This tool, therefore, is an amazing platform for developing games that have intricate features and designs.

Key Takeaways

Developers who wish to work with the best tool for android app development can choose from an array of options depending on the desired outlook and features of the app. Working with practical and relevant tools ensures apps are designed meticulously and end user-friendly. All one needs is a clear idea of creating the app and the features that need to be included. 

These seven platforms mentioned above have been used by companies across the globe, leading to successful and unique apps. With the dynamic trends in the app development industry, every decision needs to be accurate, especially when choosing a platform for the development process, since this would lay the foundation of the app design and efficacy.

iLounge author Lucy Bennett

Lucy Bennett is a Contributing Editor at iLounge. She has been writing about Apple and technology for over six years. Prior to joining iLounge, Lucy worked as a writer for several online publications.