8 innovative products that will make your home smarter

Perhaps the phrase “smart home” no longer surprises anyone. The Internet of Things has ceased to be an obscure term from the future, and many modern consumers can already boast of having such gadgets at home.

Joseph Patrick, owner of the website about home improvement and home appliances indoor2outdoor.com, has compiled a list of things that will make your home more comfortable and your life easier and more enjoyable. These smart gadgets should turn household chores into fun.

8 innovative products that will make your home smarter

Most of these new products were presented at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show), held annually in Las Vegas. This show is a significant and influential event of the technology industry. This year, due to the ongoing pandemic, the event was organized online in January. This time, the focus was on creating eco-friendly products that are still effective and convenient to use at home. In 2021, there were many products such as smart assistants, cars and robots that reduce the environmental impact: either by eliminating toxic compounds or by saving energy.

The technology industry still has a long way to go to fully understand environmental issues, but the fact that manufacturers are thinking in this direction is nonetheless a great achievement.

So, noteworthy inventions for the home include:

1.        Intelligent recycling device

Lasso has introduced a smart home device to make recycling easier and interesting. Aldous Hicks, the manufacturer, aims to solve the material spoilage problem by building a Lasso to recycle materials like glass and plastic. Once the objects are thrown into the machine the machine first cleans them and analyzes whether they are recyclable or not. If they are, the machine sorts and shreds them. After shredding, the machine places them in their respective compartments. 

The daily recycling is also monitored through a Lasso app. This impressive machine costs $3500. The deliveries of pre-booking are likely to begin in the fall of 2022.

2.        Fridge Disinfector

8 innovative products that will make your home smarter

LG’s InstaView refrigerator already has public attention. It has a glass door that lights up when knocked, immediately showing the items inside the fridge. With the upgraded version, the South Korean company has few more tricks up its sleeves. The newer version features a door that opens with a voice command and a dispenser that disinfects drinks using ultraviolet rays. Both these features make the device highly sought amid a pandemic. The minimal contact and germ-killing light help the consumer feel assured in the light of the current situation.

3.        AI Vacuum Cleaner


The Samsung JetBot 90 AI is the prime example of sophistication and value. The intelligent vacuum cleaner not only self-cleans and identifies things, but also serves as a home monitoring device. The built-in camera records the surroundings ensuring additional safety.

The vacuum cleaner uses an elite sensing system – comprising of LiDar sensors to study the area to be vacuumed and navigate through the floors. According to the manufacturers, the LiDar sensor helps the machine to recognize objects like cables and furniture pieces that it should avoid during vacuuming.

4.        Eco-shower with sound system

Shower Power – a device that runs with hydropower – was introduced on Kickstarter. The eco-friendly device is manufactured from recycled ocean plastic and is compatible with any shower configuration. The sound system generates energy using a hydroelectric generator which is stored in a 2500 mAh battery. 

In easier words, the built-in speaker uses shower spray to run your device and charge its battery. You can connect your device to the sound system via Bluetooth and listen to songs, or morning news while washing up.

5.        Eco-friendly light switches and energy management system

Schneider Electric, a worldwide specialist in home management systems, launched Square D light switches. These light switches are eco-friendly since they can be linked with a smartphone to become part of an energy management system. The system comes with several features.

Once the switches are connected to the smartphone app, you can make sure that the house is not consuming high energy. It is also possible to control the lights and schedule them on and off remotely. Through these smart switches, you can also detect how much energy the electronics are consuming and adjust their behavior based on that.

To prevent power outages, the company introduced Acti9 devices that plug into your home circuit and offer protection while also monitoring electrical installations. The notification and reminders on your phone make it convenient to track the home system.

6.        StudioDock for iPad Air and iPad Pro

8 innovative products that will make your home smarter

The StudioDock station for iPad Air and iPad Pro has been launched by Kensington. It integrates functionality with the aesthetics of the Apple Pro Display XDR stand. Using a magnetic connection, the StudioDock works with the 2020 iPad Air, the 11-inch 2018 iPad Pro or newer, and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

The connection is possible in either portrait and landscape view. The StudioDock has similar aesthetics as the PRO Display XDR stand i.e., a minimal aluminum pedestal with two wireless chargers (7.5 watts and 5 watts each) built into its foundation.

Kensington also plans to market an apple watch charger that also connects to the StudioDock.

7.        Monitor for high quality content

8 innovative products that will make your home smarter

Dell has introduced OLED monitors in previous years, however, the UltraFine OLED monitor is the first of its kind from LG.

Created for professionals, the latest addition to LG’s UltraFine series features a monitor made with Organic Light Emitting Diode technology. The high-quality monitor has an OLED display that almost (99 percent) covers the DCI-P3 and Adobe RGB color spaces. Applied 31.5-inch matrix format 4K with a resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels. The contrast reaches 1 000 000:1. This OLED display offers Pixel Dimming HDR technology and is a treat for video editors and photographers.

8.        A robot personal assistant

8 innovative products that will make your home smarter

It is not a fantasy anymore to imagine a robot functioning inside our homes, and Samsung developers believe the same. Quite soon, robots will infiltrate our lives and change how we communicate with our family, carry out menial tasks and enjoy ourselves. This process will speed up with the introduction of smart devices and the AI products inside our homes.

One such robot, that is created to realize this future is Robot Bot Handy. The intelligent robot incorporates a chip in which its program is fed. It uses advanced AI technology and sensors to assess the size, weight, and composition of an object. Based on the analysis, the machine carries out a task like picking up laundry, clearing the table, and pouring you a glass of juice.

The Handy robot is undoubtedly one of Samsung’s most popular and smart robots to help with household chores.


Owing to the global shift towards environmental concerns, the manufacturer and technologist now aim to create more sustainable and environmentally friendly devices. By contributing as much as they can towards this cause, the latest products are now manufactured from recyclable and use renewable energy sources. Thus, overall sustaining life on earth.