9 Key Reasons Enterprises are Migrating Their Legacy Systems to ServiceNow

Have you ever wondered about the value professional solutions such as ServiceNow can bring your business? In all too many cases, businesses miss out on delivering optimal value for their clients through professional customer experience solutions.

This can represent a potentially major drawback for your operations, leaving you missing out on potential conversions. However, it shouldn’t necessarily have to be this way, and ensuring that your legacy systems have had the relevant upgrades can be an excellent way to streamline your business processes.

9 Key Reasons Enterprises are Migrating Their Legacy Systems to ServiceNow

9 Key Reasons Enterprises are Migrating Their Legacy Systems

Finding the optimal systems and solutions for your business can often seem like a struggle. However, if you feel unsure where to start, there are plenty of excellent options you could consider.

Fortunately, ServiceNow consulting services, as a fully unified cloud-based IT service management software, could help. Some key ways ServiceNow consulting services can support business management include the following points.

#1 All-in-One Solution

One of the main benefits of the ServiceNow consulting services system is its simplicity. With this thought in mind, if you have been looking for an easy, effective, and simple way to manage your business’s operations, ServiceNow might be just what you need.

The simplicity of the ServiceNow system means that it can easily integrate in any system; moreover, this also simplifies your business’s ongoing operations, ensuring that your business remains cost-effective and efficient.

Overall, the level of effort required for ServiceNow compared to previous legacy systems is usually around 75% less. Moreover, most businesses see a reduction in time requirements by around two-thirds. As such, this can significantly boost your business’s efficiency.

#2 Full Automation

More and more businesses are turning to automated services for their business management, and this level of automation can have many boosts for your business’s operations.

Crucially, this can reduce your staff’s workload significantly while also ensuring that all tasks and maintenance activities are completed quickly, efficiently, and accurately. Automation also helps reduce the risk of human errors occurring with your activities, ensuring your business is managed to the best level it can possibly be.

#3 Enhancing Error Resolutions

Did you know that integrating systems such as ServiceNow consulting services can rapidly improve the rate of error processing? While every business will face errors at some point in time, the speed at which you handle tickets can vary significantly.

Fortunately, integrating the ServiceNow platform can be a simple and seamless way to boost your incident resolution rate. Doing so can reduce the risk of your business having unresolved tickets, which can significantly lower customer satisfaction.

In addition to improving error resolutions, data shows that ServiceNow integration is excellent for reducing the number and severity of incidents. In fact, companies avoided (on average) around five critical incidents annually thanks to ServiceNow integration; as such, this could be highly valuable as part of your decision, too.

#4 Virtual Agent Support

Along a similar line of thought, ensuring your customers have speedy and efficient support with any requests they might have is vital. However, slow responses can significantly harm your business’s chances of making a conversion. In fact, around half of customers prefer to use live chat for queries and questions over traditional contact methods (such as email or telephone); thus, the significance of this figure cannot be overstated.

Fortunately, thanks to ServiceNow’s excellent virtual agent support, handling common customer queries becomes fully automated. So, your team’s direct involvement is only needed for more complex cases.

#5 Hundreds of Pre-defined Reports

Effective reporting is a vital part of good business management. And with this thought in mind, ensuring you’re reviewing reports often is very important. Fortunately, ServiceNow includes around two hundred pre-defined reports, which help make it incredibly easy to manage and monitor your business’s systems.

#6 Effective Change Management

Did you know that handling change in your business is hugely important? In traditional business models, change is incredibly difficult to process, often requiring a huge amount of work and bringing many risks to the business model. Fortunately, ServiceNow provides excellent change management workflows; this helps make implementing changes easy and effective so that getting back to normal with work is easy.

#7 Easier Asset Management

Managing your business’s assets is often incredibly difficult, but this shouldn’t have to be something that holds you back. Luckily, thanks to ServiceNow’s unique asset management systems, seeing the key features of different assets is incredibly simple.

Some of the main information provided by ServiceNow for asset management include asset usage, costs, and access rights. Altogether, this helps ensure that assets are getting suitable attention from the workers while simultaneously ensuring that any issues are promptly and effectively handled.

#8 Real-Time Insights

Implementing change in your business is difficult when you’re always working in retrospect. Fortunately, the ServiceNow systems are designed to combine all data into a single software solution providing real-time, valuable data for your business. This allows your business’s management teams and analytics staff to make informed, valuable decisions based on real-time business management insights. Accordingly, any changes and decisions are typically much more reliable and lower associated levels of risk.

#9 Supporting Mobile Workers

More and more businesses are integrating mobile teams and remote workers – and this hasn’t gone amiss by the ServiceNow software. ServiceNow consulting services are native enterprise-level mobile applications that support compliance, risk management, case management, field service management, and incident management. This also helps increase connectivity between team members and optimize task completion and allocation, even in cases when workers are on-the-go.

Final Thoughts

If you have been looking for new ways to boost your business’s transactions, ensuring you have the correct systems in place is crucial. Still, in many cases, this can represent a potential challenge for your business, and taking steps to overcome such hurdles is highly important to keep your business from missing out on conversions.

Fortunately, with industry-leading IT solutions such as ServiceNow consulting services, there’s rarely been a better time to optimize your business’s IT processes accordingly. So, don’t leave it to chance; bring your business into the modern age by replacing your old, outdated legacy systems.