9 Ways to Stream Movies on Macbook

Lucy Bennett
By Lucy Bennett - Contributing Editor
9 Ways to Stream Movies on Macbook


In this day and age of digital entertainment, watching movies online via streaming services has become an essential part of our lives. Having the option to stream movies on your MacBook can be a game-changer for a number of reasons, including the fact that you may be a movie fanatic, a TV series junkie, or simply in need of some relaxation at the end of a hard day.

However, due to the abundance of streaming platforms and possibilities that are currently available, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of which way would be the most practical and best suited to meet your requirements.

9 Ways to Stream Movies on Macbook

The Task Before Us:

As a result, we felt it necessary to compile this detailed tutorial in order to assist you in navigating the world of streaming on your MacBook. In this piece, we’ll take a look at nine alternative ways to stream movies on your Mac, guaranteeing that you can watch all of your go-to movies and television series easily and without the need for any additional headaches.

To Each and Everyone:

Everyone who uses a Mac, regardless of their level of experience, will find something useful in this article. Continue reading this article to find out how you can turn your MacBook into the best possible device for watching movies.

1. Streaming Application List:

Using streaming applications on your MacBook is the simplest way to watch movies online in streaming format. You can access popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ on your Mac with specialized applications that can be downloaded from the Mac App Store. Installing the program, logging in with the credentials associated with your account, and then beginning to watch will suffice.

2. Surfing the World Wide Web:

Movies can also be streamed directly through your web browser, which is an additional simple option. The majority of streaming systems offer web counterparts that users can access through browsers like Safari, Chrome, or Firefox. Simply go to the website, log in, and then you can start streaming the content you enjoy the most.

3. An application for Apple TV:

The Apple TV app should be your first pick if you have a strong commitment to the Apple ecosystem as a whole. It brings together material from a number of different streaming providers, such as Apple TV+, iTunes, and apps from other developers. The fact that all of your movies and television shows are accessible from the same location is both practical and user-friendly.

4. AirPlay:

If you have an Apple TV or a smart TV that is compatible with AirPlay, you can use your MacBook to wirelessly stream video to your television. This makes it possible for you to watch your movies on a screen that is far larger. Simply select the device you wish to stream to using the drop-down menu that appears after clicking the AirPlay icon on your MacBook.

5. A Virtual Private Network, sometimes known as a VPN:

Consider using a virtual private network (VPN) if you are going to be traveling or if you want to watch TV episodes and movies that aren’t available in your area. A virtual private network, or VPN, enables users to get around geographical limitations and view content originating in other countries. Install Surfshark for safe streaming and enjoy a secure and unrestricted streaming experience.

6. HDMI Cable:

The use of an HDMI connection is a dependable alternative for anyone who does not possess smart TVs or Apple TVs. Simply use an HDMI cable to connect your MacBook to your television, then navigate to the input menu on your television and choose the appropriate source. It is possible to stream movies onto a larger screen by mirroring the display of your MacBook.

7. Taking a Recording of the Screen:

If you have a subscription to a streaming service that does not have a dedicated Mac client, you can record your screen while streaming by using software such as OBS or QuickTime Player. This allows you to capture whatever is happening on your screen. It is important to keep in mind that this method could have certain restrictions when it comes to the quality of the video and the sound.

8. Plex Media Server:

Those individuals who are interested in developing their very own media library will find that Plex is a wonderful option. Installing the Plex Media Server on your Mac will allow you to organize your film library and stream it to any device that has the Plex software installed, including your MacBook.

9. Save Movies to Your Computer:

You can download movies from several streaming platforms so that you can watch them whenever and wherever you choose. When you have access to a fast internet connection, download your preferred movies so that you can watch them at a later time without the interruptions caused by buffering or slow connections.


In conclusion, your MacBook is a versatile device for streaming movies since it provides a variety of options that can be tailored to meet your interests and the circumstances of your viewing experience. There is a strategy that can accommodate your requirements, regardless of whether you work best with specialized applications, online browsers, or external connections.

Therefore, make the most of these alternatives, take some time for yourself, kick back, and relax while you experience the cinematic world from the convenience of your MacBook. I hope you enjoy streaming!

iLounge author Lucy Bennett
By Lucy Bennett Contributing Editor
Lucy Bennett is a Contributing Editor at iLounge. She has been writing about Apple and technology for over six years. Prior to joining iLounge, Lucy worked as a writer for several online publications.