A Brief History of Picrew Avatars!


 How were Avatars made? Who Made the First Avatar? It Might have Crossed your Mind Some Time or Another.

The Emergence of Avatars on the Internet!

A Brief History of Picrew Avatars

The term avatar comes from the Sanskrit term avatāra, which stands for the “descent” of a divine into an earthly form. 

In 1979 PLATO role-playing game Avatar was the first to utilize these in a multiplayer game. In 1992, Snow Crash, a cyberpunk book, was published by Neal Stephenson, where he introduced the word avatar to refer to online digital beings. In Snow Crash, the word avatar is used to present the virtual simulation of the human shape in the Metaverse, a fictitious virtual-reality software on the Internet. The complexity of a user’s avatar was used to determine social status inside the Metaverse. A beautifully rendered avatar indicated that the user was a competent hacker and developer. Less creative users would purchase ready-made designs the same way a newbie might today.

In internet forums and other virtual communities, an avatar is a 2D picture similar to an icon. Avatar is also known as a profile photo, user pic, or a ‘picon,’ in early Internet vernacular. Avatars can also be three-dimensional digital representations, such as in video games like World of Warcraft or virtual reality like Second Life.

As of today’s generation, Avatar continues to be famous on various platforms. It’s not limited to multiplayer games, and virtual realities, It is currently used in social media platforms for profiles and brand logos.

Avatars are virtual representations of people used in online settings. It is a computer-generated picture, such as a picrew. The word “avatar” in social media also pertains to your profile photo image that portrays you on the network.

Before, creating an avatar would require a user to know how to program. You need to have in-depth knowledge of how to program to create a sophisticated avatar that can surpass other users. As modern technology came, creating an avatar for various purposes is easier. Several Avatar Makers are available on the web, which people can use to create an avatar. Social media applications also offer the creation of online avatars which their users can use.

Where to Create Unique Avatars?

I mentioned above that social media platforms offer the creation of Avatars, but features available for the avatars are only limited to similar to other Avatar Makers which, increases the possibility of you having the same avatar as other users.

Picrew is a prominent avatar maker available on smartphones. It is free and requires no skill sets. You can use your imagination to create boundless designs through this application.

i. Users can Create Unlimited Designs.

Whatever can pop into a user’s mind can be made through this application. All the designs that you think are impossible can be made possible through Picrew.

ii. Users can Draw Their Desired Features.

Users can freely draw their desired design for their avatars. They can create unique avatars that they can use for a variety of purposes such as social media profiles.

iii. Users can create presets.

Users can draw features that they can compile to create a preset. These presets can be shared with other users, wherein others can take inspiration for their future artworks.

iv. It has Built-in Presets.

They have built-in presets on their app that users can use if they are not good at drawing. They have over 2,000 presets that users can choose from.

v. It is ad-Free.

Unlike most apps which contain many ads and pop-ups, rest assured that the application is safe and you’ll experience no interruption.

vi. Users can Download their Avatars.

The avatars you created through Picrew can be obtained on your respective devices. You can use this as your brand logo and social media icons. You can also use it as a character for your webtoon, cartoons, or anime.

What can you do to these Avatars?

As the technology evolved use of these avatars also expanded. Back then, avatars were only used on animation and multiplayer games. Today, Avatars are used for a variety of reasons.

i. You can Sell it on the Internet.

Talent and hard work indeed can be fruitful. The prominence of selling avatars is rising in popularity as celebrities buy them for personal use. The more unique the Avatar more expensive it becomes to the virtual market.

ii. Make it your Icon.

If you like to create an anonymous effect on your social media, you can use an avatar as an icon. It’s also popular nowadays to use an avatar on social media.

iii. You can Use it in your Story.

Stories nowadays cannot only be made by writing, can be made with animations, avatars, etc. to make the story more exciting. Many people prefer stories with visual characters as it can expand their attention span.

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