A consumer guide to unlocking your iPhone XS

Though discontinued in September 2019, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max were hugely popular, so much so that iPhone later decided to sell refurbished versions of the device. Following its much-anticipated release date in September 2018, the device sold 16 million units worldwide and was the world’s best-selling device in the first quarter of 2019. Despite reports that the iPhone XS was a flop, analyst report that it was, in fact, the Californian company’s best-selling device to date.

It’s no surprise the iPhone XS sold so well. Featuring a 5.8 and 6.5-inch ‘Super Retina’ display, faster and improved dual camera systems and Apple’s superfast A12 Bionic chip, it was a marked improvement from previous models.

A consumer guide to unlocking your iPhone XS

Not only in the UK but worldwide, consumer trends are shifting in both the hardware and service sector. With technology evolving faster than ever and products available almost immediately, buyers no longer want to be tied to products, or in the case of mobile phones, network providers. For several reasons, this is no longer an attractive prospect.

If you’re one of the millions of people who bought an iPhone XS or have recently purchased one in the booming second-hand market, if you want to get the most out of this still-stellar device you’ll most likely want to unlock it with a company like DirectUnlocks.

Why you should unlock your iPhone XS

It’s sensible to suggest there’s still a ton of people who own either an iPhone XS or an iPhone XS Max, there’s probably a fair few who have only recently purchased the device as an upgrade to an older model. While consumers are edging ever closer to flexibility being their number one demand, not wanting your device to be locked to a single network is certainly not the only reason you should want to unlock your iPhone XS.

In 2019, UK residents took over 70 million trips overseas, not bad for a small island, right? Now imagine how high that number is across the entire globe for people of all nationalities. Travelling is increasingly popular both business and pleasure, flights are cheaper and job roles more international. Although using your mobile abroad has become a little easier, many countries are still subject to ludicrously expensive roaming charges.

When your device is locked your options are limited; however, when it’s unlocked these options are unlimited. When your device is unlocked you can simply visit a local store, purchase a local SIM and use your device as normal with no roaming charges.

Consumers are getting savvier and mobile devices more expensive, for this reason, the second-hand market is booming. Now more than ever buyers are opting to scour the internet for a fairly recent device before purchasing a brand new mobile. This is great but creates a problem, the market is crowded for sellers and competing for buyer’s attention is more difficult than ever. The best way to get the most for your device (20-30% more) and attract more buyers is to make sure it is unlocked to any network. This means any buyer can use the phone with ease.

How to unlock your iPhone XS

Some colleagues and I recently decided to Unlock iPhone XS handsets that were previously business devices. Together we spent hours trawling through the internet, trying to find the most effective unlock method. We needed to make sure the unlock was permanent, guaranteed, and didn’t require us to send the devices off. There are a few options but one that stands out as most customer-friendly.

If you’re a risk taker, you could take a shot with a local repair shop or online forum who may be able to ‘jailbreak’ your iPhone. This method is rarely legal and incredibly unreliable. Choosing one of these options may also cost a great deal of money and results are not guaranteed. You’ll also need to leave your device with a third party which is less than ideal for any modern user.

The most effective option is to use a professional service like DirectUnlocks. Using a third-party company, DirectUnlocks will ‘whitelist’ your iPhone XS on the network providers own database, this means the unlock is permanent, quicker, traceable start to finish and completed by a company with over a decade of experience.

Hopefully, this guide has given you a good idea of why you should unlock your device and how to go about it when you make that decision.