A Detailed Evaluation of the Intermittent Fasting App at SoonFasting

This article explains how the SoonFasting app works and whether it’s for you.

If your weight or body is experiencing trouble, you need a proper route to find the perfect way to lose weight quickly and stay healthy. Many fasting apps provide general information about fasting, but few provide personal services. I tried SoonFasting’s intermittent fasting app for six weeks to test its effectiveness and value. Keep reading and learn all the information you need about the SoonFasting app. By the end of this review, you will thoroughly understand what the app provides and whether it is suitable for you.

A Detailed Evaluation of the Intermittent Fasting App at SoonFasting

Why intermittent fasting?

Nowadays, the need to improve health has become an obsession, with every diet and lifestyle fad claiming to be the silver bullet that leads to optimal well-being. Yet, what if the secret to optimal health is a breeze and doesn’t require spending hours in the gym, eating extreme diets, or drinking weird concoctions? Millions of people around the globe have found healing by embracing intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting is a popular eating pattern consisting of fasting and eating cycles. It has numerous health benefits, including weight loss, improved metabolic health, increased cellular repair, and even a potential reduction in cancer and heart disease risk. However, many people find it challenging to stick to an intermittent fasting regimen, whether due to the complexity of the protocol, lack of motivation, or simply forgetting to adhere to it.

I have seen a lot about tools for intermittent fasting in various media. SoonFasting impressed me deeply among them. It may be a good choice.

So, what is SoonFasting exactly?

SoonFasting is a health and wellness program that provides a subscription-based service for intermittent fasting, hydration tracking, healthy recipes, and other additions. From recommended fasting routines and tracking to meal-planning advice, it has what you need to make fasting more effective and accessible.

With SoonFasting, users can customize their fasting schedules to fit their lifestyles and health goals. It features a goal-setting system, personalized reminder notifications, and detailed analytics to track progress. It aims to help users achieve their fitness goals and healthy lifestyle through a personalized approach to intermittent fasting. Unlike the one-size-fits-all approach of conventional diets, SoonFasting simplifies the protocol to meet the user’s specific needs.

Getting started with the SoonFasting app

To start using SoonFasting, visit the program’s website or download the application on your phone. The registration process takes less than five minutes.

Step 1: Questionnaire

A detailed questionnaire asked how familiar you are with intermittent fasting; Physical information asked such as height, weight, age, and gender; How often you work out; What your ideal weight is; How much time you are willing to spend, and whether you are breastfeeding, pregnant, or suffering from diabetes. After answering the questions, SoonFasting will generate a unique tailored regimen based on automatic intelligence analysis so that you can understand how quickly you can reach your ideal weight.

Step 2: Subscribe to the service.

There is no trial version of SoonFasting, so users need to subscribe directly. But the subscription fee is relatively low, cheaper than rival fasting apps. The current subscription price starts at $5.99/week, which is almost the lowest price on the market as far as I know. Or you can choose $19.99 quarterly and $35.99 yearly if you need a long-term practice, also a very competitive price.

Step 3: Start your plan.

After subscribing to the plan, you can experience the transformative power of fasting. SoonFasting offers users personalized plans, one-on-one consultation with registered nutritionists, multiple intermittent fasting trackers, a 12-week tutorial, and a game-like experience to motivate users to stay on track.

How do we evaluate SoonFasting?

SoonFasting is one of many intermittent fasting weight loss programs, but how does it compare with other options? To analyze the SoonFasting app, I established five essential criteria: pricing, scientific nature, ease of use, and product value. The evaluation takes a scoring method, with a score of 5 for each item. The following evaluation is objective and fair.

Criteria1: Pricing – 5/5

Pricing is equivalent to a threshold which is the primary concern of most people. SoonFasting does not list app subscription fees on its website. You can complete a questionnaire to find pricing options. So far, SoonFasting provides three types of plans: $5.99 for one week, $19.99 for three months, and $35.99 for a year. Although there is no free trial, the pricing is much lower than the rivals.

The cost includes access to valuable tools and services such as one-on-one coach consultation, healthy recipes, trustworthy content, fasting plans & reminders, and a health tracker to monitor your food, weight, steps, and water.

Criteria2: Scientific Nature – 4.5/5

Scientificity and safety are my key considerations. I can’t guarantee that intermittent fasting is 100% safe, but from what I learned and combined with the experience of SoonFasting, I think the product team has made much effort in this regard.

The first is the questionnaire survey of the app, which carefully evaluates everyone’s physical condition, lifestyle, exercise, and disease history from various scientific dimensions, and generates customized plans based on this.

Secondly, SoonFasting equips online nutritionists and coaches. You can consult with them one-to-one in the application. Although they can’t guarantee a real-time response, they can give feasible suggestions and opinions for your doubts within a few hours which is what I like most, and it is also one of the crucial reasons I will stick to using this app.

In science and security, this product team has done an excellent job, which is my honest feeling after experiencing other similar products. But I want to remind you that the special intermittent fasting diet is only suitable for some. If you are pregnant, lactating, have diabetes, or have a history of eating disorders or gastroesophageal reflux, intermittent fasting may not be the safest option. Consult your doctor before going on an intermittent fast.

Criteria3: Ease of use – 4.5/5

Soonfashing has a full range of features, covering most of the necessary functions while maintaining its characteristics. Overall, SoonFasting is simple and easy to use. It has a relatively trendy product design and user experience. Even a novice can quickly get started.

It features enriched content created by registered nutritionists and 12-week tutorials guiding users to success, making it perfect for those new to fasting who want to be well-informed before they begin their journey.

Besides, the SoonFasting app makes fasting more accessible and enjoyable. The app lets users set their fasting goals and provides a game-like experience to help keep them motivated. Users can share their fasting milestones with their friends, family, and coworkers. It also features an interactive chat feature that allows users to send and receive motivational messages from other users. This feature allows users to connect with like-minded individuals on the same weight loss journey and encourages them to stay motivated and committed to their goals. Having a motivational support network can be very helpful in increasing the likelihood of succeeding with fasting.

Additionally, intuitive trackers can understand the user’s daily habits and provide insights into the body’s changes during fasting. The app also includes personalized programs and reminders that help users stay on track. These easy-to-use features allow users to integrate fasting into their everyday lives seamlessly. Otherwise, fasting can be laborious because it requires self-discipline and focuses on staying motivated and on track. Without visual cues or reminders, it can be easy to forget about fasting and start eating again.

Criteria4: Product Value 4.7/5

This criterion is more result oriented. After following the tailored regimen for six weeks, I felt more focused, slept better, and dropped an average of 2 pounds each week. This dimension is in line with my expectations.

SoonFasting is more like an innovative lifestyle than a fasting regimen, which also takes a holistic approach that encompasses nutrition, physical activity, and mental and emotional health. As a result, losing weight will no longer seem like a daunting task where you will be left with a bunch of complicated diet rules to follow and will become a matter of just maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle, with the additional advantage of getting to enjoy your favorite dishes during fasts.

Does SoonFashing have room for improvement?

In general, the product is worth more. But I must list all the shortcomings in the following for the people who need it as a reference.

First, the app only supports the English language. Other products support French, Spanish, Portugal, and other languages, which are friendly to non-English speakers.

Second, there is no trial version. I know that some other products do not provide trials, which may be a consideration for commercial realization. However, from the user’s perspective, this is not desirable. I hope the product team can make some changes in the future.

Third, unlike other weight loss applications, the SoonFasting app lacks a barcode scanner. You must manually enter all the nutritional information if you eat a protein bar or store-bought hummus. There is still considerable space for development at this stage.

What do SoonFasting reviews say?

To evaluate this product more reasonably, I asked the other SoonFasting users for their opinions. Some are still using it, and some have stopped insisting on paying. Most reviews are primarily favorable.

Selena Bowen is an epidemiologist in New York. On Instagram, she met people who lost weight through intermittent fasting and used the SonFasting application to track their progress. She said, “But I don’t know what that is. I thought they didn’t eat breakfast or lunch. I can’t understand their crazy behaviors. Fortunately, I have a medical background and need some scientific explanations to prove that this is a reasonable and effective way to lose weight. After consulting a doctor friend, I decided to try it. I followed the 16:8 fasting, which was challenging initially, but it became normal within two weeks. Now it has become a part of daily life. “She added, “I will not recommend SoonFasting to others because, as a medical worker, I know that everyone has different physiques. But SoonFasting is suitable for me personally.”

Marguerite Priestley is 36 years old, and he is a journalist working for a local newspaper. “Stressful work brought me excess weight, but I broke it 25 lbs using SoonFasting. It’s about four months after I began losing weight with intermittent fasting and adjusting my eating habits. I have lost 25 pounds in total. I know, that’s not a great number. But I have to say I didn’t do any calorie counting and followed the low-intensity fasting plan.”

Claudia García, a new female immigrant from Ecuador, is currently selling real estate in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. She told us she had lost 18 pounds in 2 months through SoonFasting. “It teaches me how to eat again, even though it sounds silly,” she said. Claudia García also explained that the program taught her to choose foods that “provide energy for my body, instead of just filling me up.” She added, “Soonfashing is my final choice after trying various products.”

Some people also put forward some suggestions on the product. Azizahm is an Arab girl at Saint Mary’s University in Canada. “I am no stranger to intermittent fasting. We have Muslim Ramadan every year. I used SoonFasting for recording and tracking reasons. For students, the price is friendly. But the practical problem is that it is difficult for me to understand some professional English content and terms. It will be better if the program can support Arabic.” She said.

Some people don’t continue to use the SoonFasting app anymore, but the program left a good impression. Valerie Bernard is a 31-year-old Bank clerk in San Antonio, Texas. “SoonFasting works well, and it has helped me establish a healthier relationship with food and overcome bulimia. Now I no longer use SoonFasting, but until today, I still follow the advice of SoonFasting in my daily life,” she said.

Privacy concerns

On its website, I retrieved the following information.

The sale of personal data is prohibited. SoonFasting will not sell, lease, or disclose your data. Meanwhile, SoonFasting uses the following information security measures to protect your data.

a) encrypts your data during transmission and rest.

b) System vulnerability scanning and penetration test.

c) Protect data integrity.

Closing thoughts

After six weeks of trying, I had a feasible practice with SoonFasting and a clearer understanding of intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting has become popular in the health and wellness space, and it can help you lose weight without a strict (sometimes even abnormal) diet or an overloaded exercise regimen.

SoonFasting is unique because it offers some of the most personalized fasting exercises I’ve ever seen, which impressed me deeply. The program makes it accessible to start intermittent fasting, provides practical guidance, and assists you in achieving your weight loss goals successfully. SoonFasting is available at the Apple Store and Google Play.

But if you have a history of disease or your current body is not in optimal condition, I will not suggest you try it.