A Latest Technology Used to the Secret of Success in Your Workplace

Be Sure That Your Employees Are Being Productive

Productivity is a must when you are running your business or your own company. If you have employees to deal with and you want to be sure that they are being productive, you would do your best to make sure that they are actually doing their job. You are their boss and it is only right that you know if they are really working or just fooling around the computer. Now you ask, is there a way for you to find out if they are diligent enough in doing their work? Well, great news – because the answer to that is yes.

What Is Spytector And What Exactly Does It Do?

We all want productivity to happen in our workplace and most of the time they are hindered by a bunch of stuff online like social media, unnecessary chat boxes and other sites that completely distract an employee’s attention. You would be able to know that now through the help of a professional keylogger called Spytector. It does sound like something the CIA would use only this time; you are about to experience it in your own company. Gone are the days of wasted time when you can track down who is being productive or not.

A Latest Technology Used to the Secret of Success

To be fair, you could also tell your employees about Spytector keylogger and how it could monitor their every move while they are on the computer. This would make them aware about the trouble they could get into in case they plan to, by example, watch some inappropriate videos during the time they are supposed to be working for you. It is not fair anyway that they do that when they are being paid on your time right? So if you want to be transparent to them about it, you may do so.

Go On Stealth Mode

Now if you want to be a little sneaky about it, you can also do it. None of your employees would be able to know that they are being watched because it is undetectable. You must know that a stealth key logger is need for the activation of this program on the computer. You can do this before your employees use the computers and once finally activated, you will not be able to see everything that your employees are doing while they work. Is this thing illegal? We say no. As long as you used it in the context of your company to monitor who is doing their job or not, then you won’t have a problem with the law.

This is one of the beauties of technology these days. It allows everybody not to just be productive, but to have discipline as well. Your employees would be good managers of time too if they know about this. You would be able to see the amount of time an employee can finish a task without all the other distractions that there are online. It is a must for every company if they want progress and success in their company.

Final words

A trial version of Spytector is freely available but if you need to lift the restrictions you should buy the keylogger. Accordingly to the support period needed, there are 3 license options for Spytector: $64.95, $99.95, $229.95.