A Launch Delay May Happen with Apple iPhone 14 Due To Supply Chain Problems

Apple has appealed to its suppliers to speed up the production during the time of the coronavirus pandemic. That had negatively affected the production process, which is still in place. Apple is now forcing the suppliers in China, where there is a lockdown. It is because the American giant company does not want any delay of the iPhone 14 in the market.

The Engineering Verification Test has been postponed, in which the manufacturers finalize all the parts and process. It could cause a potential delay in the September release date of the latest iPhone by a few weeks.

A Launch Delay May Happen with Apple iPhone 14 Due To Supply Chain Problems

Launch Delay in iPhone 14

The schedule of Apple shows that manufacturers will complete the EVT by the end of June 2022. But at least a model of Apple 14 is three weeks late, which means it would not be available on its release date. However, it could be avoided if the manufacturers make up for the delays.

The scenario is foreseen if any effective measure is not taken regarding this. The Apple iPhone compiler Pegatron Corp stopped working in its factories in Shanghai and Kushan because of coronavirus restrictions. There is also a lockdown in Shanghai for seven weeks now.

Shortage of Chips

There is also a global shortage of chips that contributes to the delay. Apple has clear competition from the auto industry to the gun industry. The screen suppliers and chip suppliers are scarce in number.

They have about 200 vendors, among which half are in those areas where lockdown is in effect. It could cost the company from 6-to 10 million iPhones ahead of the upcoming launch of the latest model.

Apple is Trying Hard to Avoid the Delay in the Launch of this Device

An executive with an Apple supplier said, “It seems challenging to make up for the lost time, But Apple and its suppliers are working hard. They are working around the clock to speed up the development process.” He also added that the pace of reopening operations in Shanghai is “rather slow.”

Another man familiar with this matter said, “If the development process could get speed up to the next level by the end of June or beginning of July. Then it can be possible to meet the mass production deadline till early September. But it would depend on where the process can accelerate soon or not.”

What’s New In iPhone 14?

Details about the new iPhone are not released yet. However, some speculations say that it will have a higher quality front camera, a slightly different screen, and durable construction. Also, there is an expectation that no mini models will be there. The focus is on the higher mobile phone so that models with weaker and top specifications will be available in two sizes.

Apple is also set to remove the concept of physical SIM cards with the new model’s arrival.

Bottom Lines

The delay of iPhone 14 can cause a lot of damage to Apple’s reputation, So, they are trying hard to fight the obstacles and make the launch happen on time.

Now, let’s see how Apple responds to the supply chain problems and emerges as the industry topper.