A little history of the iPhone


On June 29, 2007, a previously unseen gadget was released – the very first iPhone. How did it stand out from the rest? The complete replacement of the outdated buttons with a touch screen caused a furor among all the people of the planet. In addition, its price was much higher than other phones of the time, which also provoked arguments and dialogues among users. Apple was instrumental in bringing the iPhone to the masses, as it was the first company to believe in its revolutionary nature. The real breakthrough was the introduction of multi-touch technology, allowing you to use the phone without the awkward stylus. Thanks to its courage, Apple was the first company that managed to reach a market capitalization of 3 trillion dollars!

A little history of the iPhone

Some facts about the iPhone:

Speed and stability

Of course, there are now a large number of phones on the market whose specifications are far superior to Jobs’ creation. However, many users miss such an aspect as optimization. The iPhone is so well optimized that it does not have to have all the most powerful components in the world to work fast. Take any Android and iPhone for comparison and just open the system and downloaded apps. The difference will be obvious. And also payroll software is one of the big pluses.

A little history of the iPhone

Design and build quality

After every press conference where a new version of the iPhone is shown, people’s attention is not drawn to the technical characteristics but the design. First, everyone condemns Apple’s new solutions, and then they start brazenly copying them.

Highest security

iPhone comes from America, which means that the creators approached the issue of data privacy and overall security very responsibly. All the principles that were followed when integrating touch ID have been transferred to Face ID as well. No one will be able to unlock the phone without your knowledge. In addition, all the information stored on the device can’t be stolen either. By the way, unlike Android, not a single virus has been created for iOS so far.

Constant updates

The company is making progress and every year it makes its hardware better, both from a technical point of view and from the software side. Bugs and bugs are regularly looked for and quickly fixed with each new version of IOS. Also, each update adds something new to the functionality of your device to make it easier for you to use it.


On GooglePlay, the app can be downloaded by any developer who wants it. What will be in it – no one knows. Probably a virus to steal your data, or a lot of additional software which will overload the processor of your phone. In the AppStore, the application cannot be downloaded until it has been reviewed by experts, which is an additional guarantee of security.

Apple Pay

The app for tethering your bank card to your phone is already installed by default on your iPhone. On other phones, you’ll have to download third-party software. In addition, activation of contactless payment from the iPhone is done by pressing a button and confirming with Face ID.


Everyone has his own opinion and he chooses which phone is better because not everyone can afford a good phone and therefore everyone has his own choice.

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