Advanced Video Editing Features in Video Converters

In today’s world, video converters are essential tools that video content creators can use to convert m4v to mp4 and edit footage with a variety of features. Most users are familiar only with the standard functions of applications that do not require special knowledge, however, in addition to them, the programs also have advanced functions that allow you to improve the quality of the conversion and make the video successful. In this article, we will talk about exactly those functions that were left out but are also important and necessary when working with software.

Advanced Video Editing Features in Video Converters

Useful Video Editing Features in Converters

At the moment, working with video content has become an integral part of the lives of many people. In this regard, new programs for converting videos began to appear that help users create high-quality content. Many content makers use the WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe application, which allows you to reliably convert and edit frames using a large number of tools. However, not all users are aware of the advanced features of the software, let’s talk about them below.

Advanced Video Editing Features in Video Converters

Clip Editing Tools

The use of editing functions helps users not only make high-quality conversions but also remove unnecessary frames, add sound, and make color corrections or beautiful transitions. Editing tools may be different, but they all have one goal – to make your video bright and unforgettable.

Text Accompaniment Integration

Adding subtitles to a clip is a great way to convey important information to the viewer that is being discussed on screen. Also, text accompaniment will provide an opportunity to easily get acquainted with your content to people with hearing impairments and capture a wider audience. Most software allows you to add subtitles right during the conversion, thereby ensuring that the text will be synchronized with the frames and there will be no delays.

Extract Audio From the Video

Using a pleasant melody in a video is the best way to grab the attention of users and push them to watch your video to the end. However, most people don’t know how to keep audio separate from video. Video Converters can help you! Going into almost any application, you can find the function to extract audio from video and do it in just a few seconds. Use the Fonepaw software and take incredible sounds and melodies for yourself without any difficulty.


The video preview feature is very useful and convenient, but for some reason most video content creators ignore it. The ability to preview the finished material helps users to see how their clip will look on one of the pages of the platform. After you see the preliminary result, you can publish the video or make adjustments to achieve a better outcome.


As we mentioned earlier, video converters are the best assistants for creating successful content. However, many users are still not familiar with all the features of programs that can significantly improve video quality and make it easier to work with frames. Our experts introduced you to the advanced features that applications for converting videos have, after analyzing which you can choose those that will be useful for you.