Technology in waste management, including sensors, apps, methodologies and energy recovery systems are making collecting, recycling and reusing better than ever. Here are some examples on how the waste management industry is benefiting from the digital age.

Advancements of Technology in Waste Management

Waste Collection Becomes Automated

Automated waste collection can reduce environmental impact in terms of traffic, pollution and more. Ideas for underground tubes where organic waste, general waste and recyclables will be sent underground when they’re full is not impossible. Believe it or not, this kind of waste management processing is already active in certain parts of Europe and in Disney World. Homes and businesses will no longer have to put out the bins, while waste management companies won’t have to utilize trucks that collect waste and use fuel on the road.

Recovering Energy From Heat

Flue gas is often perceived as a waste by-product that goes out into the atmosphere. Innovation and the creation of an exhaust gas heat exchanger system can make use of the heat within the flue exhaust, thereby extracting heat energy and putting it back as fuel to the heat cycle. A good percentage of heat potential is recovered while lessening CO2 emissions and improving the existing system’s efficiency along the way.

Anaerobic Digestion

Landfills and greenhouse gases are the two most pressing factors affecting our environment today. Recent technological breakthroughs such as anaerobic digestion can turn waste matter into basic components and usable material. Micro-organisms break down waste into fertilizer for plants and trees, while the gas by-product can be used as energy for waste management systems.

Waste Management Apps

Nowadays, there are apps for everything, including waste disposal apps that empower consumers to dispose of their by-products and things in a more sustainable manner. You can schedule a pickup of things that you’re going to throw away. Instead of ending up in a landfill, the very same items can be reused, repurposed or harvested of precious metals and components.

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