Advantages of Remote Monitoring and Management for IT Systems

In a rapidly-changing workforce tools such as remote monitoring and management have taken the forefront. Because of the pandemic they are now considered essentials in making remote work possible.

Remote Monitoring and Management Benefits

RMM is beneficial in a lot of ways, including reduced expenses on travel, greater agility and productivity, as well as lower maintenance costs without compromise.

Advantages of Remote Monitoring and Management for IT Systems

Technicians can now monitor and handle things remotely, and automate repetitive tasks such as software updates and others. Companies usually rely on their IT system to continue servicing customers, and any sort of downtime can bring this to a halt. If this is the case, remote monitoring is the ideal solution as it can run 24/7 and with minimal employees.

In the same vein, proactive monitoring can prevent potential threats before they’re realized and save operational costs on such disruptions. Traditional IT is left behind on these aspects.

Interested in Remote Monitoring for Your IT System? FleetDeck is For You

FleetDeck – Remote Desktop & Virtual Terminal should be your go-to backbone when it comes to setting up your remote IT system.

FleetDeck boasts the fastest remote desktop streaming technology available in the market. Since its launch in 2020 their custom video codec is considered the best in class in terms of desktop streaming. Speed is of utmost importance especially when it comes to IT and technology.

Companies can get the remote desktop and virtual terminal support, which allows for remote powershell sessions on managed computers. FleetDeck founders are veteran video game developers and know what they’re doing. You can be sure that your IT system will be robust, constantly updated and ready for remote work management.

FleetDeck also has the best pricing for remote desktops, at $5 for 50 computers and 1 technician. You get all the benefits of remote monitoring and management in an affordable and agile package.