AI Essay Writing Software: Pros and Cons

In the business field, many machines have been programmed with instructions to allow them to learn and perform tasks without any human intervention. Today, AI is actively used in forex trading, data harvesting and manipulation, creativity, social intelligence, and solving problems.

AI is becoming more sophisticated and it’s impacting the education sector and assignment writing in various ways. Writing has for many years been a challenge to many students especially if they are not native speakers of the teaching language. Some essay writing software combines more than fifty tools that help students experience all aspects of essay writing but they have several pros and cons.

AI Essay Writing Software: Pros and Cons

What is AI writing software?

AI writing software is a recent technology for helping writers produce content using machines. You may liken it to essay writer service where you allow another human being to write a content for you but in this situation, you allow a programmed machine to produce content on your behalf.

This kind of technology has been used before to edit content, proofread, and check grammar. The improved software is going beyond editing and grammar check to the production of the content itself.

Instead of a writer taking all the time to source information, write and then scan it for errors, they program a computer to gather information using specific instructions, generate data, and write it.

Cons of Using an AI Essay Writing Software

Machines can make mistakes

The AI writing software has been created by human intelligence and programmed by human beings. It is prone to make errors due to various factors. If bags were not sufficiently cleaned, the software might malfunction and produce confusing content.

The software could be functioning to the maximum but if a student makes a mistake and feeds it with wrong instructions, it will generate misleading content and a student might get poor grades.

A machine has no feelings or imagination like human beings

Some types of essays require the writer to involve their feelings when creating content to help them write arguments that will stir emotions in the heart of the reader. This is an advantage that is lacking in software, and it might not bring out the exact feeling a student wanted to create in their piece of content.

A student might not improve their writing experience

One of the best ways to improve learning is by doing it. Students become better researchers and writers as they write and research. This is a very important part of student growth in college and after.

When a student entrusts all writing to a machine, they will get quality content from a machine and get good grades. Unfortunately, their skills will stagnate and fail to develop. This might affect many other areas in their life such as cognitive skills, problem-solving, creativity, and resilience.

Pros of Using AI Essay Writing Software

You free up more time

One of the greatest hindrances students have continually faced in their essay writing process is the time limitation. Some students combine work and study to help them pay for tuition, get money for upkeep and entertainment.

Others are busy in the field engaged in extracurricular activities while others get busy in social life and networking. Sometimes a student could be handling three or more assignments and all might have deadlines.

AI writing can be programmed according to the courses a student is doing to help them work on their essays. It will help them save time for other activities.

Create a professionally written essay

Machines follow instructions to the point and when they are writing a student essay, they will follow the structure as it should be, get the right sources, cite correctly, and check grammar errors. The essay created will look neat and professionally written which might earn a student better grades.

Saving on cost

Cost is another hindering factor when students want to outsource for writing help from human writers. Most human writers might charge between $19 to $25 per page on the minimum. If a student wants to write a 5-page essay, they will pay between $95 to $125. If they choose to use AI writing software, that cost will be significantly reduced.

AI will write faster and smarter

There are moments when a student might be overtaken by time and require an essay to be written within an hour or less. When using human writers, the minimum it can take is three hours and the student will pay more. AI essay writers will produce an essay almost instantly. The software will write smarter content compared to human writers.

Better topic ideas

Based on the information a student feeds it with, an AI writer will generate several topic ideas using its intelligence. A student may decide to assist the machine pick one topic that they feel best fits the essay or let it choose a topic and write. This is one of the best ways to choose the most interesting topic that will make an essay look unique.