All About FitCoach: Subscriptions, Cancellations, and User Feedback

FitCoach is an app created by WellTech that helps users reach their health and fitness goals in fun and engaging ways. Once you download the app, you’ll have access to thousands of workout videos and guided tutorials. The Fitcoach app also includes daily meal plans, access to training courses, motivational notifications on your phone, and much more.

Upon its release, users couldn’t wait to download the app and take on each FitCoach daily challenge. Now that some time has passed, the reviews are flooding in. Users say the app helps them tremendously by providing thorough and easy-to-understand information to guide them along their fitness journey.

All About FitCoach Subscriptions, Cancellations, and User Feedback

Along with countless positive reviews, other reviews are raising common concerns, such as confusion over the cancelation process and the subscription renewal process. In response to these Fitcoach reviews, Welltech has been working tirelessly to improve its app and provide users with all the information they need.

Improving the Subscription Cancellation Process

Multiple Fitcoach app reviews mention that the cancellation process is incredibly confusing, and some say they aren’t able to cancel their subscription at all. This confusion is understandable, and Welltech is working to make the process as transparent as possible for users.

Currently, Fitcoach doesn’t have its own payment system on the app. This means that all users must make payments and manage subscriptions through Apple. To make said changes, users must go to their app store and follow the directions provided in the app settings.

It’s completely understandable that users are frustrated when they can’t find this option when using the app itself. Welltech would love to help customers directly with cancelations, but as of right now, users must go through Apple Support for cancelations and refunds. Fitcoach is working hard to add new features and expand the app. In the meantime, answers to some frequently asked questions can be found here.

Enhancing Transparency Regarding Auto-Renewal Plans and Billing

As far as how much the Fitcoach app costs, there are multiple options and multiple ways to pay.

1. 1 Week Subscription

If you want to try out Fitcoach for only a week, it’s a quick $9.99. This option is just long enough for you to learn how to use the app, sample the Fitcoach daily challenges, and peruse the delicious meal plans. If you decide the app isn’t for you, you can cancel at any time through the Apple Store. 

2. Monthly Premium Monthly

If you want to try out the app for longer than a week, the Fitcoach Premium Monthly Subscription is only $19.99. This way, you can begin to build healthy habits and benefit from daily notifications and fitness events. Again, you can cancel this plan at any time through the Apple Store.

3. 6 Month Subscription

For those who fall in love with Fitcoach and want to invest in a longer subscription, the 6 Month Subscription is an amazing deal. This plan is $42.99 upfront, which breaks down to roughly $7.17 per month. You’ll enjoy all the same features as the smaller plans but at a far smaller cost.

4. Annual Subscription

For those who want the most bang for the buck, the Premium Annual Subscription. Just like the 6 Month Subscription, you will enjoy the same features as all the other plans: access to thousands of workout videos, personalized fitness plans, daily motivations, etc. Only the cost is drastically lower. At just $29.99 per year, that’s a measly $2.50 per month. You can still cancel your subscription at any time through the Apple Store, but at $2.50 per month, why would you?! 

Per Fitcoach’s Terms of Use, your subscription will be automatically renewed unless you cancel it at least 24 hours before the end of the subscription term. If you attempt to cancel the subscription the day it’s set to renew, the request unfortunately won’t go through until the following day.

Welltech is working to make billing and renewal information more readily available to its users. However, in the meantime, all the information you’ll need can be found in Fitcoach’s Terms of Use.


Recently, there has been some confusion over Fitcoach’s cancelation and refund policies. Every app has a learning curve for both its creators and users, and Welltech is very passionate about using Fitcoach app reviews to improve its customers’ experience.

If a user is unsatisfied with their experience, they are able to ask for a refund as long as their situation meets the requirements listed in Fitcoach’s Refund Policy.

Protecting Users from Unexpected Charges

As explained in the Terms of Use, Fitcoach reserves the right to change the prices of their plans if and when necessary. However, they will always notify users of such changes through the app and whatever email they use to create their accounts.

All About FitCoach: Subscriptions, Cancellations, and User Feedback

Fitcoach strives to be fully transparent with its users and not change prices sporadically or without reason. In the future, the Fitcoach app cost may change as Welltech expands its app and adds new features. However, users will receive plenty of advanced notice and can cancel their subscriptions whenever they choose.

Welltech’s Commitment to Improvement

Other companies might see negative reviews as discouraging, but Welltech is grateful for the feedback and always strives to improve its user experience. It’s true that users have the freedom to cancel their subscriptions via the Apple Store. However, if you’re unsatisfied with your experience or think we could improve a specific feature, let us know!

Our goal for the future of Fitcoach is for our users to feel heard and understood and for their experience to be perfectly tailored to their fitness and nutritional needs. At Welltech, we’re dedicated to our users’ health, and we hope they’ll continue on this journey with us.