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SEO is a short form for Search engine optimization. SEO is a process for improving a website and increasing the visibility of the website for searches. This process mainly targets the unpaid traffic of the websites, unlike the paid or direct traffic. This kind of unpaid traffic usually originates from different searches from users like academic, video, news, and image search.


SEO is also called an internet marketing strategy. It is about how a search engine like Google works and the basic computer programmed-algorithms of Google.

Types of SEO:

There are about six types of SEO. These types can help your website to rank for the keywords you are targeting. An insight of these types is useful to understand how to improve and rank your websites.

1. On-page SEO:

It is the kind of SEO you’re going to be associated with. Almost all of the visitors can see as they access your website are included in on-page optimization. That means information, for the most part.

  • Rising, comprehensive information is built on powerful on-page SEO. But not just moderately informational, the knowledge that is supposed to rank high tends to address issues that no other pages tackle (or, at least, these websites solve these problems better than other available resources)
  • Above all, Making sure that the material or content is incredible is the most significant aspect of on-page SEO. But in search engine results, several other parameters go into having a page to rank well.
  • And one of the most multiple parameters is the keyword.
  • To rank your site to the top, you must have many specific and related keywords if you’re writing a particular piece on a topic. But make sure that specific keywords are fully tailored enough to fulfill your goals. And it will give your SEO a significant boost.

2. Off-page SEO:

One of the most considerable things in off-page SEO is link-building. It covers a large part of SEO, and also it is somewhat challenging to build links.

Having links from professional organizations can make a big difference in how your site is rated. While the impact of a single link is hard to quantify, it is logical to say that getting a good one can provide your rankings with a strong rise.

It is, however, challenging to get connections from those types of pages. Many individuals have developed entire careers in the construction of backlinks.

Role of social networking in SEO:

Social networking is another off-page indication that your SEO, too, will make a huge difference. Suppose people on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other social networks speak about your product. In that case, internet companies interpret this to mean it’s interesting to talk about and let other people find it.

Getting a piece of social media content that is popular gets you a lot of traffic, too, which can boost your SEO.

3. Technical SEO:

Technical SEO is also called a sub-class of on-page SEO. Page speed is a significant factor in technical SEO. For example, if your site does not speed optimally and loads slowly, you will lose visitors. In turn, you will not get enough traffic for your website. Other factors that affect technical SEO are as follows:

  • Optimizing images
  • Catching information
  • Uploading sitemaps

4. Black hat SEO:

Black hat SEO is going to get you where you want to go more easily. Usually, this type of SEO costs less because by going against Google Guidelines, you take shortcuts to the top. Many black hat SEO strategies are called out as things you should NOT do in the guidelines.

As such, they risk that the next time Google changes its ranking Algorithms, your website or content will rank lower, be banned from search results, or degraded.

For example, plagiarism, backlinks, or doorway pages, etc.

5. White Hat SEO:

White hat SEO approaches conform to the Google Webmaster Guidelines, but they typically take longer to implement and cost more. White hat SEO carries much less risk and continues over time to have enduring and compounding benefits. Some reputable SEO and content marketing agencies use software and strategies for white hat SEO.

For example, writing useful and relevant content, plagiarism-free content, using no backlinks, etc.

6. Grey hat SEO:

Somewhere in the middle, Grey hat SEO falls as these strategies are not explicitly called out in Google’s Guidelines. Be careful to follow this path. It is not safe to believe that it will protect you from demotion or retribution only because a particular strategy is not branded or listed as misleading and one that will get you into trouble.

For example, you are paying money for getting reviews, using spun content, etc.

7. Negative SEO:

Negative SEO is the practice on someone else’s website of applying black or grey hat SEO techniques to inflict harm. In search results, hurting your rivals makes room for you to step up.

For example, stealing someone else’s content or building unnatural content.

Other kinds of SEO are less often used for SEO than above and are as follows:

8. Local SEO

9. App store optimization

10. YouTube SEO

Benefits of SEO:

There are so many benefits of SEO in ranking your website. To have a complete insight into the SEO, its process, the types, and many other important things about SEO, you can also read the ASAEL DREYER SEO articles.

. SEO helps to create User-Friendly websites:

SEO can help small business owners build a simpler, easier, and more user-friendly website. While most people still rely on the old concept of SEO, assuming that it’s just about search engine optimization, SEO is also about enhancing user experience.

Well-structured, safe, and uncomplicated websites enable a potential user to remain longer, reduce the error rate, and improve the page’s view. Likewise, highly relevant information (sales pages and blog articles) help the visitors find exactly what they are searching for on your website.

. SEO bypasses the competition:

SEO bypasses the competition in the way it attracts visitors. The companies that do not do SEO are considered local and do not grow as fast as the companies that do marketing, organic search, and SEO.

. Bring in more clients.

Standing out from your rivals and growing your client base is one of the biggest reasons for making a website. Businesses with a website built for SEO pull in more clients and expand twice as quickly as companies that don’t have one.

The most successful and inexpensive marketing technique that exists today is possibly SEO.

If you’re ready to spend a couple of hours of time, resources, and a small amount of cash, SEO can help drive “traffic to a website and ultimately bring more visitors to your company than any other marketing tactics you’ll ever use.

. Get high conversion rates with the help of SEO tactics:

SEO-optimized websites load quicker, are easy to read and search and are viewed correctly on virtually all device types, including mobile devices and tablets. Easy to read and navigate websites are more likely to attract and retain your readers or visitors’ attention, i.e., they are more likely to become your loyal customers, subscribers, and frequent visitors.

. Developing Brand Awareness:

Building brand awareness is one of the advantages of having greater rankings on the SERPs. When your pages appear on the first page of major search engines like Google, as they search for a specific word, your prospective visitors are more willing to trust your product than other brands that do not have a strong web presence.

SEO is a necessary process that is required for the site ranking, along with the quality content. And the other significant benefits of SEO are as follows:

  • SEO helps to get a better user experience than the one without SEO.
  • You can get leads among different organizations from SEO as it is a primary source of leads.
  • You can get high close rates with the help of SEO tactics.
  • SEO is the primary way to promote cost management
  • It can build up your brand credibility among the competitors.
  • You can establish your brand’ awareness with the help of SEO
  • SEO is a long-term marketing strategy
  • You can get marketing shares by doing good SEO for your content.


SEO is a critical process to rank the sites on search engines. It is not as easy as it seems. There are many types of SEO that are described above in the text. You have to follow all the steps in SEO to do the perfect SEO of your site.

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