Bought a new 3D printer recently? Thinking of what all you can create and how to sell those items to make some profit? Well, we have made a list of things that are simple to create, and extremely functional for daily lives. Also, do not forget to check some of the tips for selling your 3D Printed parts online.

All You Need to Know on How to Design, Create and Sell your own 3D Printed Products

How to Design and Create Your 3D Printed Items?

You can choose to design your 3D files from scratch using 3D modeling apps, however, this may not be easy for beginners. Hence, by the time you learn the necessary skills to design your own STL files, you can also make use of pre-existing designs online to create products for selling online.

Here are some of the cute and useful designs that you must not miss.

1)    Plantygon

All You Need to Know on How to Design, Create and Sell your own 3D Printed Products

Who doesn’t like succulents at their place? After all, we all are working towards changing the environment and making it a little bit greener than what it is, yeah? So, why not create this compact but aesthetically pleasing Plantygon that’ll allow people who buy them, change the way their room looks to something better. 

Its specialty is that the Plantygon allows you to creatively stack together planters in any combination. For better functioning, the planter has a sloped inner drain leading to holes that drain into the adjacent planters. Moreover, the designer has also uploaded a version without drainage holes for those who wish to use the Plantygon indoor.

2)    DOT

All You Need to Know on How to Design, Create and Sell your own 3D Printed Products

This is something extremely creative as well as a functional 3D printed part used for hanging coats, umbrellas, and other accessories on it. Available in the shape of a dot, these are printable in different colors. So, the advantage is, they transform an otherwise blank wall into a colorful one that is also allowing users to store their regular clothing in minimal time.

The best part about these Dots is that they can be made in huge quantities and can be installed in whichever manner you wish to. Also, popping off their cover reveals a key hook. If you like music, they can be given a shape of some sort of melody or any other design. 

3)    Stag Skull

All You Need to Know on How to Design, Create and Sell your own 3D Printed Products

Another great piece of art to decorate your walls is this stag skull. The basic idea behind this design is to sum up the demand of keeping an animal part hung on your wall without harming or killing it. And the best part about this as a 3D model is it can be scaled as per the wall. So, say you wish to increase or decrease its size according to the place you wish to use it at, that’s possible. 

This part’s larger version is also available on Myminifactory. It has three parts with snap-fit joints. Whereas, the smaller version can be printed as a complete model in one go with the use of some supports.

These models are nothing but a sneak peek into the huge amount of 3D models that you can find online to 3D print and sell for your business, to make your search a lot easier, Here’s a list of Best Sites for Free 3D Printer STL Files:

How to Sell 3D Printed Parts Online?

All You Need to Know on How to Design, Create and Sell your own 3D Printed Products

It has become very simple to sell online. With so many marketplaces offering a platform to showcase 3D printed items, it isn’t a challenge anymore to make money. Find out some of the e-commerce websites that can surely help you earn profit by selling 3D printed products to customers around the globe.


Depending on which marketplace you choose, the demographic as well as interest of the users will vary immensely. When talking about Etsy, the website happens to be an amazing option for those wanting to sell 3D printed accessories, art and similar items. However, if you are looking to sell 3D printed RC drone parts, you must choose the other platforms.


This store is best for selling specialized 3D printed items. This is due to the platform’s auction feature. Mostly suitable for selling equipment and machineries that aren’t available elsewhere, this marketplace can certainly help you sell other items too. Just make sure to follow the right guideline in order to succeed as a seller on eBay.


Being the most popular online store, Amazon can help you connect with millions of customers worldwide. Most importantly, the platform has a dedicated store for selling 3D printed items. Best for selling toys and home décor items, Amazon could be a great help in case you wish to earn from selling online.

The Conclusion

If you are looking to start a business by selling 3D printed parts online, this is the right time to start. With less competition and increasing accessibility within the additive manufacturing niche, people have been able to make great money using the idea. Most importantly, you do not need to start your own ecommerce website.

Therefore, you can also limit your investment depending on which 3D printer you wish to buy and what products you like to create. Overall, making it simpler to become an entrepreneur selling 3D printed items.

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