An Overview of VINNumberLookup

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By Lucy Bennett  - Contributing Editor
An Overview of VINNumberLookup

For most people, purchasing a used car is one of the most expensive financial commitments they will ever make. As such, it is important to eliminate all the risks that are typically associated with such a purchase.

With a VIN lookup service, you will be able to access useful information about a vehicle’s history and current condition. VINNumberLookup is a reputable online VIN decoder service that manages to provide instant access to comprehensive vehicle history reports at no cost to you.  

An Overview of VINNumberLookup

Find out what we learned about them in this review, which takes into account what the company does, how the service works, how to conduct a VIN search with them, the pros and cons of using their service, and more!

VINNumberLookup: How Much Do You Know About It?

An Overview of VINNumberLookup

VINNumberLookup is a trustworthy online VIN number lookup tool for checking any vehicle’s VIN or license plate. It enables you to learn a vehicle’s features and history before buying it.

It has an extensive database of millions of vehicles, which makes it easy to decode your vehicle. To generate an accurate vehicle history report, VINNumberLookup will also search for information from the states’ DMVs, government institutions, insurance companies, and auto recyclers.

In addition, VINNumberLookup also comes with an efficient license plate lookup service that you can use to get vehicle information with ease. It is also helpful in a hit-and-run situation or if you are suspicious about a vehicle in your neighborhood.

Advantages & Disadvantages of VINNumberLookup

Let’s quickly break down the pros and cons of using VINNumberLookup before you are ready to look up your VIN.


No Hidden Costs Or Fees

VINNumberLookup’s online service is completely free of charge, which means that you don’t ever have to pay any hidden costs or fees to use the platform.

Reliable Customer Support Team

Despite being a free service, VINNumberLookup still manages to offer its users a highly-responsive customer support team that is available round the clock to resolve any queries or complaints that they may have.

Full Confidentiality & Anonymity

VINNumberLookup guarantees complete user confidentiality and anonymity, as the company does not keep any records of your search history. You can get VINNumberLookup service without personal privacy concerns, just click here for your license plate search, or start to get a VIN check as well as a history report on this platform.

User-friendly Interface

Its search process is fairly straightforward that only takes minutes to retrieve the vehicle details that you need, making it the ideal tool to use when you’re on the hunt for quick information.


Limited Database

Since VINNumberLookup is still a relatively new VIN lookup tool, it has fewer data sources to compile highly-comprehensive vehicle reports compared to some other premium alternatives in the market.

What Can We Find in a Vehicle History Report by VINNumberLookup?

Before purchasing a vehicle, it is essential to know more about the vehicle. By browsing the vehicle history report from VINNumberLookup, you can find the following information easily.


From the vehicle history report, you can get a clear picture of the vehicle’s specifications, including the manufacturer, make, model, model year, vehicle type, and transmission type.

Knowing this information can help you avoid falling for fraud. For example, you can use the car model and the picture of the car to tell if the VIN belongs to the right vehicle.

Vehicle Condition

Aside from that, you will also be able to determine the current condition of the vehicle based on past incident reports and service records. For example, if the vehicle was previously involved in any serious accidents, this information will be included in the report and should help you determine if the vehicle is still safe to drive.

This will usually revolve around details such as actual mileage, accident history, repair history, and part replacements.

Theft Records & Safety Recalls

You will also be able to gain other useful details like whether the vehicle has ever been stolen or if it has ever been recalled by the manufacturer for whatever reason. If you already bought a used car and found there is an open recall on it, contact your dealer to schedule a free repair immediately.

Besides, buying a stolen car can cause a lot of problems with the law in the future. Once you see the theft record on the vehicle report, you should inform the police as soon as possible.

How Can We Perform a VIN Number Lookup for Free?

An Overview of VINNumberLookup

The entire process is relatively simple and straightforward, as it only requires you to take two steps to execute.

  1. Input the 17-digit VIN code of the vehicle into the search box on VINNumberLookup website. Then, click on ‘Start Search’.
  2. Within minutes, the search engine will scan the available database to retrieve information linked to the VIN number. You will then get a comprehensive vehicle history report that can be downloaded for later review.


Conducting a background check on a vehicle with VINNumberLookup is an integral part of any legitimate used-car purchase, as it can help you significantly reduce the risks of being defrauded.

All in all, it’s safe to say that VINumberLookup is the ideal choice for anyone looking to access reliable, accurate, and detailed vehicle history reports without much difficulty. And since the decoder service is free, it is the top choice for those looking for a good alternative to some of the premium options.


1) Is VINNumberLookup Accurate? Would It Be Safe To Use It?

The online VIN decoder service extracts vehicle history information from a number of legitimate sources to provide detailed reports. However, while this ensures that the reports generated are reliable, it is important to keep in mind that this does not fully guarantee complete accuracy.

Since there isn’t any hidden cost that comes with your searches and every search is confidential on this platform, you can rest assured that your searches are safe with VINNumberLookup.

2) What Types of Vehicles Does VINNumberLookup Support?

It’s available to conduct a VIN search on all types of road vehicles since all of them are issued with a unique 17-digit VIN code during manufacturing.

3) Is It Free To Look Up a VIN on VINNumberLookup?

Yes. VINNumberLookup does not charge consumers any fees to utilize their lookup services. As such, you can carry out as many VIN searches as you need without any fear of hidden costs popping up during the process. 

4) Why Is My VIN Not 17 Digits?

Before 1981, there wasn’t a VIN standard. Therefore, if you own a vintage car that was manufactured before 1981, then it is possible for the VIN code to be between 11 and 17 digits.

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