The idea of NFT projects involving anime might sound improbable, but after you read this article, not only will you convince yourself that anime-inspired tokens exist, but you will also wish for some of them in your wallet.

Anime NFT Projects That Will Blow Your Mind

Lots of NFT collections have seen the daylight recently, some of them based on famous personalities, some based on video games, and some based on – drumroll please – anime movies. Developers are undoubtedly creative and know how to allure enthusiasts, so they have found ways to reach as many audiences as possible, including anime fans out there. This idea goes beyond cryptocurrency or blockchain – although this is the underlying technology of NFTs as well – as it transposes us to beloved manga and anime Japanese culture. Otakus will be nostalgic about and lured by these art forms paying homage to their favored anime characters and scenes. If you are one of those, you will surely get excited. But if you have not entered the NFT world yet, not a problem – you have time to learn. Meanwhile, you can trade cryptocurrency. Bitcoin and Ethereum are among the best deals, but before making any bold move, we recommend analyzing the Bitcoin or Ethereum price carefully, as well as the trading volume and exchange liquidity level.

Nonetheless, some anime NFT projects are worth your attention, be it now or when you finally decide to immerse yourself in digital art.


Azuki is considered the most popular anime NFT project, and for a good reason. The PFP (Profile Picture) NFT collection comprising 10,000 avatars resembles Tetsuya Nomura’s famous designs for ‘The World Ends with You’, a cult hit that is about the rebellion and swag of skater culture. What is so distinctive about the Azuki collection is that each character and PFP has their own traits and background story, not to mention the pop-cultural flare that propelled it to become the face of anime NFTs.

Azuki was launched in January 2022, turning one-year-old last month. But despite its recent arrival, it has managed to become the most rapid NFT collectable to have reached such a level. As for its trading volume, learn that Azuki’s volume traded is about $16 per day, which is nothing but impressive for a non-fungible token project.

Akuma Origins

Just like the aforementioned NFT project, Akuma has a distinctive nature, which is given by an aesthetic that imitates illustrations. This beloved collection is a fusion of styles specific to the all-time famous Naruto and the band Gorillaz. It is favored by investors and collectors who appreciate the avatars’ uniqueness, as well as Otakus.

Akuma Origins features artworks resembling colorful aliens, also called Yokai, with an anime touch. Owning a Yokai is a real honor, as the avatar will allow you to enter the Akuma realm through a portal. This magical world is often referred to as ‘phygital’, as it blends both real-like and digital elements.


Hikari has entered the world of NFTs under the name of ‘The Home of Misfits’. It is inspired by numerous legends and lore, and it targets a sophisticated audience. The series incorporates advanced and exquisite features developed by the teams at Jeez and Chainlink, and although it was released in April 2022, it has seen considerable popularity, being estimated to reach the growth level of projects like Azuki or 0N1 Force.

0N1 Force

0N1 Force is believed to be the original gangster (OG) in the NFT world, and it could be true since the project has never ceased to impress. It is an inventive collection of avatars of all hues and sorts, combining eccentric and classic traits, hairstyles, masks, and headphones. Around the time of release, 0N1 Force hit the market, becoming the most purchased collectible of this sort. Even today, almost two years later, it is still a sensation, continuing to lure investors and anime fans with its out-of-the-box designs and vibrant colors. Furthermore, the series’ trading volume reached no less than 50,000 ETH last year, which makes it one of the most traded NFT collectables. Its anime avatars are also preferred PFPs, as those choosing them as profile pictures get the chance to have their avatars adapted to this purpose. Therefore, the characters reminiscent of Japanese folklore will have subtle visual cues, and their ogre traits considerably toned down to suit clients’ needs.


Valhalla is an NFT collection created exclusively for a community of gamers. That means putting your hands on one of this project’s tokens would be challenging. Surprisingly or not, you must be an avid fan in order to obtain an NFT of this sort, as the collection hand-picks its buyers one by one. Making fan art is a good idea to show your enthusiasm, but this does not guarantee a place in the exclusive list of Valhalla.

Shonen Junk

Shonen Junk comprises more than 9,000 digital items, each boasting its own traits and features. After all, this is understandable since the Shonen Junk collection was developed by expert James Lin, the co-founder of the famous manga and anime distributor Crunchyroll. This is also one of the reasons this NFT project has gone so viral, particularly in the United States. The impressive collection of avatars recalls some of the most beloved anime franchises, including Dragon Ball Z, Kill la Kill, Gurren Lagann, and Neon Genesis Evangelion. Without a doubt, this is for every Web 3.0 junkie out there. So, if you are one of those craving for a picture of Shinji going Super Saiyan, Shonen Junk might be your thing.

Lives of Asuna

‘Lives of Asuna’ goes directly to the hearts of space lovers. It is an impressive collection of more than 10,000 NFTs with about 5,000 owners featuring hand-drawn tokens. This is, in fact, what makes Lives of Asuna stand out from the competition – the talent with which each anime character in the Asuna space is created. Moreover, if you choose to purchase an NFT of this sort, you can personalize its appearance using specific items. Nonetheless, bear in mind that it is not possible to change the entire appearance of your token, as its distinctive essence would otherwise disappear.

The world of NFTs is full of surprises, and the variety of anime NFT projects out there is clear proof of this.

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