Antivirus Software and Apps are Evolving

One of the oldest software industries (the antivirus industry) is changing under the pressure of hackers. According to the research of a world famous Gallup group, 71% of Americans afraid of cybercrime compared to only 7%-40% afraid of various kinds of offline crime. During the last few years, all major technology corporations like Facebook, Yahoo, or eBay were hacked. Many smaller companies that collect our data (think of retail loyalty programs) are regularly hacked too, but many of them don’t even go public and admit the data breach. Some of them do not even know.

Taking into account the current situation with these data breaches and identity thefts, credit card number thefts, ransomware attacks, and even webcam hacks, it is no wonder that the leading antivirus software brands in the hunt for top talent all over the world. Data security specialists are in demand as never before. But have the antivirus software evolved enough to fight the modern cybercrime?

No one can be 100% safe online, but experts say you can be 99% secure when using the top antivirus software and staying alert when surfing online. You need to pay special attention to the unknown emails you get and the links you click in them. And when choosing the best antivirus software for your situation, do not opt-in for the old school programs which only offer a regular scan. The modern and efficient antivirus solutions should have real-time protection. It may be too late trying to cure the existing files! You need to be able to prevent harmful viruses from getting into your computer, mobile phone, or digital gadget.

In addition to the common features, pay attention to the antivirus software solutions which offer the ransomware protection, because this is one of the most dangerous cybercrime examples, and it is on the rise. Just a few days ago the second Florida city this month paid a ransom of $500 000 to the hackers to unblock its email servers. So, be aware of the cybersecurity trends, or at least choose the best antivirus software that can help you resist as many cyber attacks as possible.

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