Appareify Review: Redefining Style with Exquisite Clothing of Unparalleled Quality

In the dynamic realm of the fashion industry, sourcing trustworthy and proficient suppliers can prove to be a challenging endeavor. That’s precisely why we present this review article, dedicated to unveiling the exceptional offerings of Appareify, a distinguished OEM clothing manufacturer headquartered in China.

Throughout this comprehensive review, we will delve into crucial aspects such as their cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities, stringent quality control processes, unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, and their steadfast dedication to sustainable practices. 

Appareify Review Redefining Style with Exquisite Clothing of Unparalleled Quality

Join us as we shed light on the custom clothing manufacturer Appareify’s prowess in the clothing industry, providing valuable insights for businesses seeking a trusted clothing manufacturing collaborator.

Appareify Overview: Glimpses of Offerings, Background and Beliefs

Appareify Review: Redefining Style with Exquisite Clothing of Unparalleled Quality

In 2017, Appareify emerged as a visionary endeavor, brought to life by a collective of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the fashion and clothing manufacturing industry. Fueled by a steadfast vision, Appareify set out to become the premier provider of efficient and trustworthy manufacturing services for clothing businesses worldwide.

Fast forward to the present, and Appareify has flourished into a leading force among the top Chinese clothing manufacturers, catering to companies of all sizes across more than 50 countries. Its esteemed roster of partners encompasses renowned brands such as Dunhill, Metro, Tesco, ASOS, and many more.

At Appareify, the teams take immense pride in its rich history, serving as a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence. Appareify is driven by an exhilarating sense of growth and expansion, constantly adapting to meet the ever-evolving needs of the dynamic fashion industry.

Key Statistics:

  • Production Capacity: 400,000+ pieces per month
  • R&D Experts: 20+
  • Lead Time: 7-10 days
  • Clients: In 50+ countries

Appareify Review: Manufacturing Services and Production 

Appareify Services:

  • Private Label Clothing Manufacturing Services

Appareify, one of the best private label clothing manufacturers, empowers you to transform your clothing aspirations into tangible creations. It offers comprehensive assistance throughout the entire process, combined with their full labeling services, allowing you to manifest your distinctive clothing line. With extensive industry experience and a skilled team, Appareify curates impeccable bespoke collections, keeping your brand language intact.

  • Small Batch Clothing Manufacturing Services

As a first-rate small-batch clothing manufacturer, Appareify offers the opportunity to fulfill smaller orders seamlessly, allowing your clothing business to adapt to changing customer demands, reduce inventory costs, and experiment with new designs while mitigating risks in the ever-evolving fashion business landscape.

  • OEM Clothing Manufacturing Services

Appareify, as a premier OEM clothing manufacturer, excels in transforming fashion brands’ vision into reality. The efficient and streamlined manufacturing processes of Appareify enable them to produce high-quality apparel in substantial quantities each month. Moreover, the company boasts impressive production lead times, with private label designs completed within 10-15 days and custom variants within 30-45 days.

  • Cut and Sew Manufacturing Services

Appareify provides customized, top-notch cut-and-sew services. The experts manage the entire production process, including design, pattern making, cutting, sewing, trimming, and packaging. The company takes extensive care of fabric selection, innovative sewing techniques, and streamlined processes. These services fit true if you’re launching a new clothing line or scaling up production.

  • Sustainable Clothing Manufacturing Services

Appareify and sustainability go hand in hand. The company takes care of sustainability in 4P areas – People, Planet, Process, and Profit. Its efforts include utilizing sustainable and biodegradable materials, sourcing solar energy for electricity, recycling industrial waste, implementing energy-efficient machinery, and employing eco-friendly lighting.

Appareify Production:

  • T-shirt

Appareify has established itself as one of the most prominent t-shirt manufacturers for brands, offering comprehensive support from product development and sampling to production and distribution. Its primary objective is to cater to customer requirements by delivering top-notch custom-made t-shirts (blank, printed, polo etc.) that can be personalized with various design and fabric options.

Appareify Review: Redefining Style with Exquisite Clothing of Unparalleled Quality
  • Activewear

Appareify offers fashion brands a wide and versatile range of high-quality activewear. The company is well-placed to showcase its capabilities through a diverse selection of crafts, including tracksuits, shorts, t-shirts, and various other options. The dedicated team of professionals at Appareify diligently studies brand requirements and supervises all aspects of activewear production, maintaining required attention to detail.

Appareify Review: Redefining Style with Exquisite Clothing of Unparalleled Quality
  • Jean

Appareify is your ultimate destination for exceptional denim solutions, such as jeans, jean jackets, jean shorts, and jean zippers, catering to diverse retail projects. Backed by extensive industry expertise, driven by cutting-edge R&D, and equipped with advanced large-scale production capabilities, Appareify fulfills your denim and jean manufacturing requirements with unmatched precision and quality.

Appareify Review: Redefining Style with Exquisite Clothing of Unparalleled Quality
  • Hoodie

Appareify specializes in producing hoodies of all types, including men/women/kids hoodies, embossed hoodies, velvet hoodies, oversized hoodies, long sleeve hoodies. All these hoodies boast superior quality, captivating aesthetics, and high-resolution artwork prints. A team of experienced manufacturing experts ensures the factory produces hoodies that perfectly align with design, size, fit, and fabric specifications.

Appareify Review: Redefining Style with Exquisite Clothing of Unparalleled Quality
  • Legging

With Appareify, fashion brands can expect premium-quality products ranging from sports leggings to legging shorts. These leggings boast a high-waisted design, ensuring a flattering fit, while the non-see-through and compressible fabric provide both comfort and functionality. The sweat-wicking and moisture-wicking properties of the fabric enhance overall comfort, making these leggings suitable for people of all sizes.

Appareify Review: Redefining Style with Exquisite Clothing of Unparalleled Quality
  • Loungewear

Appareify empowers fashion brands to establish an impeccable loungewear line both for men and women. Boasting years of expertise, Appareify’s team of seasoned professionals has been crafting top-tier loungewear (ranging from sweatshirt to tank dress), prioritizing excellence in quality. By partnering with Appareify, you have the opportunity to build a distinguished loungewear fashion brand.

Advantages of Appareify

  • One-Stop Shop for All Your Garment Needs

At Appareify, you can fulfill all your garment requirements under one roof. From custom designs, clothing production, quality checks, and packaging to final delivery, Appareify covers the entire clothing supply chain effectively and efficiently. Save time and funds by partnering with a single clothing manufacturer in the form of Appareify.

  • Mitigate Inventory Risks with Small MOQ Business Model

Appareify’s small Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) business model reduces inventory risks for your clothing brand. With the low MOQ requirements of Appareify, you can experiment with new ideas without incurring excessive expenses, which is a rare virtue of a manufacturing setup in the current competitive business.

  • Uncompromising Quality Guaranteed

The quality and production teams of Appareify uphold high standards and integrity, surpassing industry benchmarks through strict quality checks across product categories. In a word, Appareify dedicates to delivering exceptional high-quality clothing to its customers worldwide.

  • Transform Creative Ideas into Reality

Share your vision and requirement for your clothing lines and leave the rest for Appareify to handle. The company manages the manufacturing process of your creative garments, allowing you to dedicate your time to other revenue-generating streams such as branding and marketing.

  • Your Reliable Partner Every Step of the Way

Appareify believes in collaborative teamwork, considering ourselves an integral part of your brand’s journey. Its constant customer support ([email protected]) and assistance throughout the manufacturing process ensure you are never alone. The expertise of Appareify’s excellent teams can cater to almost all your requirements.

  • Growing Together with Competitive Pricing

As your business expands, Appareify offers pricing tiers and increased savings for larger orders. Enjoy better margins by placing orders at Appareify as you grow alongside the impeccable clothing manufacturing expertise of Appareify.


Appareify truly stands out as a reputable OEM clothing manufacturer that combines comprehensive services with a commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. Their expertise in fashion apparel design, manufacturing, and sourcing, coupled with their flexible approach and ability to produce all kinds of clothing products, makes them an ideal partner for fashion brands seeking a reliable and transparent business solution. 

With Appareify, you can confidently navigate the ever-evolving fashion industry while prioritizing quality, compliance, and the well-being of the workers.