Bill Siveter has been a fan of Apple iPods since his days of high school sports and being a gym rat.   The Augusta,Georgia native made a habit of buying the latest version each year to keep a quality MP3 player and updated technology.  That habit turned out to be a lottery pick for the now, 38-year-old.   He kept his collection well maintained and due to Apple discontinuing the model, has generated thousands of dollars from the knick-knacks of his youth.

Apple Ipods Fan Bill Siveter Turns Collection To Treasure As Prices Soar

“I sold all of my first generation iPods & a few others for enough that my wife and I can travel all this summer and more.   It feels like I won a piece of the Georgia Lottery,” says Siveter on his plans to use money made from reselling his MP3 Players.

The Augusta-GA native has plans to visit Greece, Colombia, South Africa, Las Vegas (NV), Iceland, Croatia, the Dominican Republic, and Cuba over the summer.    These are all part of his ‘adventure time bucket list,’ which he’s held on to since finishing College.

The funds for these travels came from the sale of approximately 21 ipods.  Siveter was one of the first to cash in on the eBay Nostalgia trend reported by in May.

Though many may have missed the news about the music player’s discontinuation, Apple loyalists definitely did not.   Prices on pod auctions went as high as $100,000 (USD) in June.

Private sales of Apple Ipods on various forums indicate profits of 200% to 400% being made by sellers.  Prices varied on the rareness of the Ipod player and condition.

A part of the Apple iPod sales will also be invested into cryptocurrencies as Bill Siveter sees cryptos downtrend as a bigger opportunity than discontinuing of his once favorite mp3 player.

“Money left after travel,  I’ll put that money into crypto currencies.  Everyone has to research this stuff themself, but I believe with prices being so far down it’s a time to try my luck.  Polygon, Ethereum, SHIB, and SafeHaven have a bright future,” says the Ipod entrepreneur on his additional plans to use the excess funds.

Though it’s not advice for anyone, according to Siveter, his choice of cryptocurrencies are well selected according to forums like and social communities of reddit.

Polygon notably, is supposedly set to become a token of choice for the NFT marketplace and gaming community of META, formerly Facebook.

For today however, Bill Siveter is just enjoying the rewards of being faithful to his past hobby of collecting Apple iPod.   It’s not everyday someone’s collection sees a substantial increase in value.  Especially not one that can change the course of personal finances.

Prices of the discontinued Apple iPod are still extremely higher than original retail on eBay.   There are factory sealed generation 1 models which first retailed at $399 in 2001, now listed for $23,000 USD (here).   That’s almost a 100x return on initial investment. 

And on-line marketplaces are open to anyone who has the PPods to sell.  Regardless of if you live in Augusta-Georgia like Siveter or a 1-stoplight town like Abbeville, you can make a small fortune if you have some of these MP3 players to sell.

iLounge author Lucy Bennett

Lucy Bennett is a Contributing Editor at iLounge. She has been writing about Apple and technology for over six years. Prior to joining iLounge, Lucy worked as a writer for several online publications.