Apple News: Audio Sharing and New AirPods Pro Expected Soon


Numerous rumors have long claimed that before the end of this year, Apple will release truly new AirPods fitted with many fresh features. It is said that this model will debut at the end of this month and will be called AirPods Pro.

Apple News: Audio Sharing and New AirPods Pro Expected Soon

Apple may introduce the next generation of AirPods that AirPods Pro wireless headphones would be released at the end of the year. According to the source, the accessory will go on sale under the name AirPods Pro and will be equipped with the function of active noise absorption. Rumors about the Apple headsets getting this technology appeared a few years ago.

The gadget is positioned as a more premium headset compared to the older AirPods. Previous reports have also suggested that the new AirPods will be waterproof and fit for use in the gym or on vacation.

A headphone case that appeared a few weeks ago on Amazon indicates that AirPods Pro will not lose both wireless and wired charging. The case will also keep an LED showing the status of charge and headphone connection.

Information about Apple’s new headphones came to light after the release of the new AirPods iOS 13.2 beta. The headphones are expected to cost up to $260.

What Opportunities Does Audio Sharing Feature Offer Us in iOS 13?

Perhaps the most useful innovation in the latest version of the operating system, which pleased its users, was the “audio sharing” functionality. This free and useful function, by the way, is not so innovative and is a continuation of the role of exchanging music between two devices using a splitter for a pair of headphones. Of course, now, with the help of this feature and wireless headphones, there is no need for adapters and wires, which greatly simplifies this process.

AirPods wireless headphones are an example of an elegant and easy-to-use collaboration solution for Apple devices that are brought by Cupertino’s perfectionism. They can be easily auto-synchronized with your device. The principle of audio sharing is just as simple as contacting a paper writing service. In fact, the music you share is streamed from your device to the wireless headphones of a person sitting nearby.

All that is needed is to connect both pairs of headphones to your iPhone, which supports iOS 13. After that, the music will be synchronized in both headphones, even if your partner’s device has an earlier operating system. This convenient feature allows separately adjusting the sound so that each user can choose a comfortable volume level in his or her headphones.

Watching movies on the plane together, sharing your current playlist with a friend, sharing music while jogging – all of this is now incredibly easy to achieve with the new audio sharing feature. It’s best if both of the exchange participants have the latest iOS 13 devices. In this case, the way to share music with a friend is effortless. You’re merely connecting one device to another.

Let’s imagine a case when you decide to watch a movie together on the road. A man is watching a video on his iPad. His friend can quickly join the viewing by raising his iPhone to the friend’s iPad. A screen asking you to enable audio broadcasting will appear on the screen. As soon as you confirm it, the audio stream begins to be duplicated into another pair of headphones, which is connected to the iPhone.

One of the main disadvantages of the new feature is that it is available to a limited number of phone models. So far, they include only the iPhone 8, All iPhone X Series, 12.9-inch iPad Pro (second generation and later), and the latest generations of iPad Air and iPod touch.

Of course, if you own AirPods, there is no problem for you. At the same time, officially, this function is supported only in PowerBeats Pro and both versions of wireless AirPods.

Apple News: Audio Sharing and New AirPods Pro Expected Soon

Final Thoughts

Apple is always on the road to improving our lives and finding the best solutions for the comfort of users. In return, we are always waiting for innovations and implementations of the diverse functions in our gadgets. No wonder that the new AirPods Pro are expected to have amazing features, including a metal construction for improved noise cancellation and a waterproof design, which will make the headphones easy to use during sports or recreation. Keep your ears open and learn more about Apple and innovations by monitoring further updates.

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