Appy Pie Snappy 2.0 – Excellent performance, Unbeatable security!

Appy Pie, the proprietary app maker software, has finally launched Snappy 2.0 in closed beta. The new Snappy 2.0 makes client’s apps blindingly fast offering better performance and more security. The Appy Pie platform is well-known for allowing users to create apps without needing code. With Snappy 2.0, apps on the Appy Pie platform will enjoy real-time updates with offline access and sync capability.

According to Appy Pie CEO, Abhinav Girdhar,”Appy Pie was made to be relevant and affordable. Our state-of-art app making software is meant for people who want to take their businesses to new heights. With 2.0 these apps do that while also being faster and more efficient.”

Mobile Application on the 2.0 can be updated whenever you want thanks to real time update and offline access. Changes made offline get updated thanks to Snappy 2.0’s sync capabilities.

Snappy 2.0 deals with security vulnerabilities with its evolved security system. Snappy 2.0 follows the rules of the Content Security Policy(CSP) and secure storage. In addition, 2.0 uses extensive encryption for data security. Even third-party APIs are checked before access is given to them.

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How to create an app without coding? Appy Pie is the answer. Appy Pie is known for making its technology available to all businesses regardless of scale. Apart from their massively successful app, Appy Pie is known for their workflow automation platform Appy Pie Connect and a PWA Store where you can download Android and ios APPS.

About Appy Pie  

Appy Pie, a Trademark of Appy Pie LLP, is an unrivalled leader in the mobile app bandwagon that allows anyone to transform their app ideas to reality, without any technical knowledge. Simply drag and drop the features and create an advanced Android or iOS application for mobiles and smartphones, as easy as pie. You can also install Appy Pie’s Android and iOS App and start creating your app on the fly. You can also download the PWA version of your app through PWA Store.

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