Appy Pie’s Website Builder comes with a wide range of unique features for business websites

Even in the digital era, there is still a lack of awareness about the importance of a website for a business. Any business without a website is missing out on an effective marketing tool. A strong and organized website helps businesses promote their brand, goodwill, and products. It attracts new users and keeps the existing ones engaged. A website is the best online tool that helps businesses establish credibility for a brand.

Businesses need to create SEO friendly websites to mark their online presence. Research has shown that users search for products and services online before they purchase it. Even if you are not selling your products online, creating a website can help users locate you and your business. The best part of owning an SEO friendly website is the fact that it helps you rank ahead of your business competitors on Google and other search engines. To achieve this, you must go for a unique and professional website builder that helps you build such a website for your business. Appy Pie’s Website Builder is your weapon of choice.

Appy Pie’s Website Builder comes with a wide range of unique features for business websites

Before we go to why Appy Pie’s Website Builder should be used to build your new website, let us go through some points that will tell you the hallmarks of a new website:

1. Simple and Attractive Design: An ideal website should have a simple and professional design. The web design should not distract or take away the users’ attention from the content. Websites with jarring noises and moving images can be very distracting for the visitors. Use your website design to convey a message to visitors, not to divert them from the message. Choose colors that make the text visible and easy to read.

2. Content: You should have quality content on your website. It helps users find information that they’re looking for and keeps them engaged with your website. Content helps you establish yourself as an expert in your field. With the power of content, you can turn a prospect into a new client. You can help the visitors of your website feel comfortable with your products and services through what you have written on your website. Use your content to build their trust and confidence.

The website should have keyword-rich content. It is crucial for getting high search engine rankings. Millions of internet users trust search engines and use them to find what they are looking for. Take time and create high-quality content that have huge payoffs with increased search engine rankings!

3. Unique and Fresh: You can make your business website stand out to the crowd using high-quality articles, a blog, a newsletter, better design, etc. Try the ways that would be more appealing to your target audiences. You can try making changes to the website and update it frequently. It will inspire repeat visitors to buy your products and become loyal towards your brand.

You can keep your website fresh in a few simple ways:

  • Keep your website updated and add content occasionally
  • Use a blog and add more content to your website
  • Use RSS feeds to add news headlines, stock tickers, weather, etc. to your website.

Make sure your website always has something new for the visitors. A well-maintained and updated website helps visitors think that you are serious about your business.

4. Easy Navigation: Links and navigation help incorporate design elements into the website. However, navigation around your website should not be complicated for the user. Visitors don’t like to spend too much time on the websites. If it is difficult for them to find what they are looking for, they will leave and move to another website.

5. Well-optimized: An ideal business website should be search engine friendly. Website optimization includes things like using meta tags and page titles for all the web pages. You can also use alt tags and headers for images to help improve accessibility and optimization. It may be hard for the users to find a website that is weak in optimization even if it is strong in other areas.

Appy Pie’s Website Builder is the perfect website building tool that offers multiple effective features to make your website as efficient as it can be.

Why Appy Pie’s Website Builder?

Let us understand why you should choose Appy Pie’s Website Builder over others, to create a good website for your business.

Appy Pie’s Website Builder helps users create their business websites with no-code requirements. Appy Pie’s website builder comes with a wide range of unique features as standard. Here are some major ones.

  • Codeless Development Tool: Appy Pie’s Website Builder helps users create business websites without using any code. By using Appy Pie’s Website Builder even users new to development can create websites easily. They are not required to have any technical skills or coding knowledge to create a website using Appy Pie’s Website Builder.
  • Help & Support: Appy Pie offers full-time help and support for the users. Users can take help from the support team at any stage of creating a website. Moreover, the support team helps users in making changes to the website even after publishing it. Users can access related guides, tutorials and FAQs on the company’s website.
  • Offers Own Domain: Appy Pie provides allows users to create their private domain instantly. It also provides FAQs and guides for the same. Appy Pie’s Website Builder displays the list of all available domain names relevant to the website name entered by the users. They can select a suitable one from that list.
  • SEO Friendly Websites: Users search for the product before they purchase it. They look for every little thing on the internet, whether they need to shop or look for the weather updates. Appy Pie’s Website Builder adds SEO friendly features to the websites to increase their visibility and help them rank on Google. Additionally, this feature helps the website avoid duplicate content and makes its URLs user-friendly.
  • Feather-light Websites: Using Appy Pie’s Website Builder users can create websites that run fast and consume less data.

Appy Pie’s Website Builder is an excellent solution to the regular problems faced by many businesses. The tool helps users create the perfect website for their business. Appy Pie is known for its DIY no-code App Builder and a worldwide popular store known as PWA store, for downloading Android and iOS apps. Go ahead and try out Appy Pie’s Website Builder to create a website for your brand.