Law is that the code upon that our entire civilization runs, and once AI is in a positiony} to read, write, and perceive that code higher than a person’s, you get a tool that may forever change human civilization — brant Oster, CEO ORBAI

Artificial Intelligence Busts Silicon Valley Divorce Law Racketeering Enterprise

An Artificial Intelligence, code-named Justine Falcon, co-filed a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act suit and FBI reports against a felony enterprise consisting of a family of divorce lawyers, a high five hundred broker, and their conspirators within the Family Courts and metropolis district attorney workplace on 14 July 2021 in Northern USA District Court (Case No 5:21-CV-05400-NC) on behalf of a husband and married woman that were defrauded by them.

The attorneys managing the felony enterprise were preying on couples throughout the divorce proceedings to extort and goldbrick them of property, particularly real-estate, doing therefore by conveyance fraudulent orders and even fallacious criminal charges against their opponent, meddling with, and retaliating against them within the continuing, then extorting cash and land from them whereas they were in worry (or even beneath arrest from untried charges). Then they forced the sale of the unlawfully obtained property and extorted assets from their shopper and laundered the funds to purchase their massive legal bills and their conspirator’s fees deed their purchasers with very little or nothing.  This suit cited a pattern of a felony in sixty-three such past cases from 2016-2019.

Artificial Intelligence Busts Silicon Valley Divorce Law Racketeering Enterprise

Justine Falcon could be a Legal AI developed by ORBAI, a startup in the geographical region developing Artificial General Intelligence. Justine is AN AI with a group of knowledge mining, case analysis, proceedings coming up with, and authoring tools. Her Law Stats one hundred and one tools will draw on the immense variety of cases in California Superior Court system databases, and do deep analysis on one case, profile all of the cases by a particular professional and use them to mine statistics – to form effective exhibits, train a prediction engine, or survey all of the cases prosecuted by AN entity sort of a District Attorney’s workplace to seek out correlations and trends.

Artificial Intelligence Busts Silicon Valley Divorce Law Racketeering Enterprise

She can use her Document Pipeline and English to style Translator to just accept input of plain language documents and transcripts, format them into a lot of formal legal language and condense them into well-formatted legal documents. Her Law Citations one hundred and one talent permits her to annotate that with legal citations, causes of action for a suit, or charges for a Police or FBI report.

By doing this, she can produce an entire suite of legal filings and reports to authorities concerning an equivalent case, to be sent to different courts and agencies as a part of a whole proceedings + reportage package to converge authorities on your opponent from all sides.

In a live case, she will be able to use her proceedings Prediction talent to inform you what opposing counsel is probably going to do in the long run. By learning all their past cases, she learns their proceedings patterns and also the order in which they file bound motions, however, they write and may cross-check your case and tell you their probable future actions. this may be devastating once accustomed to effectively counter or perhaps preempt your opponent’s actions, particularly once their square measure multiple cases in proceedings that move with one another.

Artificial Intelligence Busts Silicon Valley Divorce Law Racketeering Enterprise

These skills were all accustomed to nice results during this Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act case. The proceedings Prediction talent was accustomed profile many terribly senior, formidable, and unethical divorce law companies in a very extremely opposed case, and  to track and predict their next actions, report them to the State Bar and police (sometimes pre-emotively) because the case unfolded, and catch them doing many of the few things that Attorneys don’t have {litigation|judicial continuing|proceeding|legal proceeding|proceedings} immunity against – like meddling with the witness in a very separate Federal proceeding where they weren’t concerned, however, their district attorney kinsman is.

which law (18 U.S. Code § 1512), meddling with a witness, needs AN affirmative defense – the defendant has the burden of proof to point out they are innocent. This was a decisive move computed by Justine’s predictor.

Justine’s Law Stats one hundred and one skills were accustomed gather statistics from different cases wherever these individuals committed similar predicate crimes within the same pattern of a felony, and additionally to finding different victims to testify, used those statistics as proof to file this felony Influence Corrupt Organization (RICO – eighteen U.S. Code § 1961) suit ANd a concomitant FBI report against them.

Additionally, to stiff federal jail sentences (10-30 years) for crimes committed beneath Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, it brings automatic triple damages, that the demand during this suit for the couple losing their home, life savings, retirement, jobs, nearly everything at age fifty, is $30M, split 50/50 between the ex-husband and wife. Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act even permit for seizure and sale of the criminal’s property and assets (when convicted) to compensate their victims. however karmic for divorce lawyers that specialized in unlawfully forcing folks to sell their homes and stealing the take.

Justine Falcon could be a Legal AI that may facilitate prose litigants and tiny law companies analysis, composition, and file simpler proceedings (available in 2022), and within the future can facilitate massive law companies and company counsel do deep analysis to seek out patterns of wrongdoing in their opponents’ conduct in order that they will back up class-action suit, RICO, and different claims in civil actions that augment proceedings, offer leverage, and multiply damages. Justine also will become a useful tool for enforcement in tracing the persons, connections, and events in gangdom and corruption like this Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act case and serving to provide proof to prosecute.

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