Artificial Intelligence Trends for 2020

Artificial intelligence is a promising field of technology where innovations happen every year. Following the trends in this area and applying them to your own business, you will manage to outwit your competitors and discover new exciting opportunities for your success.

5 new trends in the world of AI

Artificial intelligence and machine learning rule in 2020. If you feel like you do not have a strong understanding of what stands behind these terms, feel free to explore the difference between machine learning vs deep learning vs reinforce learning. This will help you to proceed with this post and understand the latest AI business trends.

Artificial Intelligence Trends for 2020

1. Hyperautomation

Hyperautomation is the first in the list of technological trends in 2020. It’s automation that goes even further than what we are used to witnessing every day and implies a more integrated use of different technologies, which will increase efficiency. 

Part of hyper automatization is robotic process automation, which penetrates industries more and more: this market is expected to reach $ 7.7 billion in 2020 and grow to $12 billion in 2023.

2. Digital twins

Digital twins are digital models of real objects that are going to become more and more mainstream this year. They are an integral part to hyper-automation.

Digital twins is a promising technology that will be applied in all areas of industrial production where security and high accuracy of predictions are of utmost importance. These models can be used to predict the behavior of different objects and software systems and allow the optimal procedures of industrial processes.

3. Autonomous things 

Another trend of this year is the development of autonomous things. Their creation  is also associated with an increase in the level of automation. It means that the Internet of things (IoT) is transforming into the Internet of autonomous things, where smart devices are not just connected to the network and interact with each other and the person, but can act autonomously. These can be drones, autonomous robots, and self-driving vehicles.

4. Internet of Body (IoB)

Another area that is actively developed in 2020 is augmented people and the Internet of bodies (similar to the Internet of things).

IoB includes various technological additions to the human body, from already familiar wearable devices (Apple Watch or Fitbit trackers) to smart implants and contact lenses. Although for now it seems more ambitious than many other technological innovations, the efforts are already being made. The innovations in this area will allow us to revolutionize healthcare and contribute to longevity studies.

5. The growing role of AI in cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is now closely linked to AI. It increases protection against hackers and reduces risks for connected systems (including Internet of things and smart devices). However, with the democratization of AI systems, criminals also find it easier to use them. Machine learning is no longer a “magical” competency, which can only be used by a few chosen ones who are knowledgeable in mathematics. So trusting your systems to AI you need to constantly monitor for the latest advancements in this area and implement them in your software.


Artificial intelligence is now more the future but the present of your software systems. It can help you automate routine tasks, increase security and boost productivity. Hopefully, these 5 AI trends for 2020 inspired you to discover the amazing possibilities of the latest technologies and implement them in your projects.