Artleap App Review

Artleap by Lightricks, formerly known as Quickart, is a photo editing app for iOS.

What sets this one apart from other photo editing apps is that it goes beyond simply retouching photos. With Artleap, you can transform your photos into digital artistic masterpieces in just a few taps.

Artleap App

Other Lightricks apps you might have tried include Facetune and Photofox.

In this Artleap app review, we’ll show you how the app works and highlight its standout features.

How Does Artleap Work?

Artleap is a one-tap photo editor for iOS devices that’s designed to help users transform regular photos into digital art pieces.

Artleap App Review

If you’ve used photo editor apps in the past, you probably already know that getting neat effects like double exposure or dispersion isn’t easy. In fact, you have to use advanced photo editing apps to get the look and feel you want. Editing different types of photos involves different processes, which means you’ll need to develop proficiency with whichever photo editing tool you’re using.

The great thing about Artleap is that you can get beautiful double exposure or fragmented dispersion effects in a single tap.

Artleap is available for iOS devices, and if you have Family Sharing set up, you can add up to six family members to your plan so that they can use the app, as well.

Artleap has an easy to use interface, making it accessible to just about anyone.

Artleap App Review

If you’ve been looking for a way to create imaginative and unique, funky art but have found advanced photo editing apps difficult to get to grips with, then you’re likely to enjoy Artleap a great deal.

This is great for anyone that wants to be able to express themselves through digital art but doesn’t have the time to learn to use an advanced photo editing app. Using Artleap, you can add popular effects to your photos – like double exposure, dispersion, tiny planet, and many more – in seconds.

Artleap Features

Here are just some of the neat things you can do with Artleap.

Double Exposures

If you’ve been dabbling in the photo editing world, you probably know that getting double exposure shots isn’t easy. Artleap makes it incredibly easy to add double exposure effects to your photos.

Artleap App Review

All you have to do is choose a portrait photo – of yourself of someone else – and then select an overlay. Artleap comes with handpicked overlays that you can choose from for your double exposure out of the box.

Once that’s done, simply adjust placements and other details to get the exact look and feel you’re going for.

Action-Packed Dispersions

Without a photo editing app that lets you create a fragmenting dispersion effect, creating a digital art piece of the sort would require a lot of time and effort. With Artleap, creating action-packed fragmented dispersion shots is incredibly easy.

To add this sort of effect to your photos, start by tapping once on the photo. You’ll notice that the edges of the person or object in the photo will shatter and disperse.

Once that happens, all that’s left to do is personalize the digital art. You can choose the various shapes, spread, and more customizations to personalize the look.

Fun Collages

One of the neat features on offer with the Artleap photo editing app is that it lets you create fun collages out of your photos. The key benefit of having this feature is that you don’t have to use two different apps – one for editing and the other for creating a collage – to create masterpieces.

To accomplish this in Artleap, you start by picking some of your favorite photos and images. Once you create a selection, Artleap will intelligently place them into a beautiful collage for you.

You can now choose to play around with different amounts of photos and images in your collage. For example, you might consider reducing the number of photos and images (or adding more) to create a new collage.

Edit the Sky

No matter how good your camera is, getting a good photo of the sky in the background can be challenging. It’s also a great opportunity to turn negative space into additional surreal elements.

With Artleap, you can choose what the sky looks like in your digital art creations according to your imagination.

The photo editing app lets you explore abstract and surreal options to see which looks best with your photo.

Tons of Combinations

Artleap packs a wide selection of art filters and lets users combine different filters together on the same photo. For example, you might combine a glitch and pop art filter together to achieve a one of a kind photo edit.

In addition to the filters that come with the app, Artleap regularly releases new filters.

For example, Artleap users can make the most of the upcoming Christmas Wonderland filter around the holidays.

One-Tap Photo Editor for All

With Artleap, anyone can be a true digital artist – without having to spend time learning complex photo editing apps. It’s a one-tap photo editor for anyone looking to create digital art masterpieces out of regular photos.

You can add all sorts of effects to your photos such as double exposure, fragmented dispersion, kaleidoscope, pop art, split colors, glitch, and many more.

The app is available free for download on the App Store for iOS devices (both iPhone and iPad) and offers in-app purchases.