AudienceGain Reviews: Why it is trustworthy to both YouTuber & TikToker

There is a raging digital war between YouTube and TikTok as more people aspire to become content creators and even there are people who want to take advantage of both platforms.  One of the top options that video producers prefer is, a provider that can meet the needs of both YouTube and TikTok. Let’s take a closer look at these 2 social networks and assess the credibility from AudienceGain reviews.

YouTube and TikTok: Which pays more?

To generate money online, neither YouTube nor TikTok directly pays the users. They also don’t give money based on how many people watch the videos or how many followers or subscribers.

YouTube monetization

AudienceGain Reviews: Why it is trustworthy to both YouTuber & TikToker

YouTube has a video monetization scheme in which users may become YouTube partners, which allows them to place advertisements on their videos and earn money. It’s a great method to make money on YouTube, and it’s something that the majority of YouTube creators do.

YouTubers also have the option of doing affiliate marketing on YouTube. To existing YouTube audiences, the channel owner may promote affiliate items. Creating extensive and informative films can boost affiliate sales. Moreover, having a lot of subscribers may bring great chances of earning a lot of money. Brands and companies may offer content creators enticing offers to promote their products or campaigns.

TikTok monetization

AudienceGain Reviews: Why it is trustworthy to both YouTuber & TikToker

Live streaming and emoji are the finest ways to make money online on TikTok. During this live streaming option, viewers might send the host emojis to support or express their feelings. These emojis are not available for free. When fans send an emoji to someone, the creators collect the emojis. They may gather all of their emojis at the end of the month, convert them to money, and pay them out.

TikTok, like YouTube, allows you to post sponsored videos. Companies frequently seek individuals that have a positive effect on others. If you have a large number of followers on TikTok, you may sponsor any product or service. Sponsorships will be awarded based on your popularity.

However, when you have a big name, you can do a lot of things with it, no matter what platform you are renowned on.

AudienceGain reviews: Full range of services needed for YouTube and TikTok

You see, making money on any platform is worth it. And it would be great if you could find all related services from just one providing site.

It can be said that is a good example of this. They have YouTube subscribers, YouTube watch hours, TikTok channels, and more.

 AudienceGain reviews: YouTube monetization services

4000 Watch Hours and 1000 Subscribers

AudienceGain Reviews: Why it is trustworthy to both YouTuber & TikToker

“How to be eligible to allow monetization on YouTube” is the customer’s pain point. Within a 12-month period, 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers are needed. It is, however, a problem for newcomers. This is why has made this option available.

They boost your video content’s watch time by advertising it directly to users. Social media is their instrument. They may also advertise your channel regardless of how short or long your videos are. So whether you want 1000 or 4000 hours of watch time, you will get it organically.

A special feature here is the option about subscribers: HQ Subscribers and AdWords Subscribers.

1000 HQ Subscribers come from people who are not related to the channel’s niche. They’re from’s social media user community. HQ Subscribers are less expensive, and the majority of the people that subscribe to this subscription will not engage with your videos. ensures that there will be no permanent reduction in subscribers, despite the fact that it is 100% secure and consistent in quality. This package is designed for clients that only want to activate monetization.

1000 AdWords Subscribers are not the same. Because the YouTube algorithm does not take view watch hours from AdWords for revenue, AudienceGain still relies on social media to gain watch hours. Buyers will have actual followers using this strategy, which is the cornerstone for long-term growth when you target the correct demographic. This package will get higher rankings for the channel and the videos are more likely to become viral.

If your channel is not authorized for the YouTube Partner Program after purchasing their service, they will give you a complete refund.

Monetized YouTube Channel

Building a channel from the ground up till it is monetized is a difficult task. So, how about getting a channel that is already profitable? has brought it to customers in two types of channels: Botted channel and Organic channel.

AudienceGain Reviews: Why it is trustworthy to both YouTuber & TikToker
The botted channel employs the “Sub For Sub” strategy to give inactive subscribers. This strategy is a quite mischievous solution. And it is ideal for YouTubers who don’t have the time to start a YouTube channel from scratch but still want to make money. 

In the end, these followers do not affect the channel. If companies employ this subscription service to meet the YouTube criterion of subscribers, it works great.

The organically grown channel

This account’s videos are flawlessly constructed. creates material that suits its target viewer demographic, thus view hours and subscribers come from people who like watching the content.

Customers of this service can still develop the channel in the future and get no monetization disability, even if their niches change. Because this channel already has genuine subscribers, the YouTube algorithm will continue to prioritize new videos from this channel in its recommendations.

Moreover, until the customer uploads their own video, provides a complete guarantee of monetization. This is the ideal choice for content creators who wish to speed up the process of creating a monetized YouTube channel while also wanting to develop it in the long run.

AudienceGain reviews: TikTok monetization services

TikTok Followers

AudienceGain Reviews: Why it is trustworthy to both YouTuber & TikToker

Your account seems more legitimate and popular when you purchase TikTok followers, boosting your chances of representing a brand or selling a product. makes it possible for you to participate in the Tiktok Creator Fund: In a similar method as the YouTube Partner Program, TikTok views may be utilized to make money.

This company ensures that after having the number of followers that customers want, their monetization function will not get any harm since the followers are organically earned. Additionally, the costs are reasonable, and there are a variety of options.

TikTok Account

AudienceGain Reviews: Why it is trustworthy to both YouTuber & TikToker

Having a monetizable TikTok account is quite attractive since you can make money immediately without spending time building a channel.

Because these accounts have already been accepted into the TikTok Creator Fund, purchasers may start earning money as soon as they receive them. Meanwhile, on other markets, many TikTok accounts for sale with fewer than 50,000 followers haven’t got this requirement.

Moreover, affordable prices make a lot of sense if you want to experiment with a small number of followers at a reasonable price.

Apply TikTok Creator Fund

AudienceGain Reviews: Why it is trustworthy to both YouTuber & TikToker

To be eligible for the TikTok Creator Fund, TikTokers must have 10,000 followers and 100,000 video views in the previous 30 days, and they must live in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, or Italy. It appears to be a fairly strict requirement., on the other hand, provides a unique service for those who do not reside in the asking nation.

This new service only costs $49 for one channel and it may be a game-changing tactic that no one else has thought of. Maybe only those who pay for this service would understand. Let’s see what type of responses we receive from individuals who have given it a go. Best site for both platforms

After reading AudienceGain reviews, you might know that they offer a wide selection of services for content creators, but what makes them so highly valued by customers is their dedication to support. What buyers want is not only service but also commitment. And AudienceGain services always come with a guarantee to enable monetization for buyers.

So YouTubers and TikTokers, if you want to go further on your chosen platform, it is better to have as a companion on that path.

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