Azure Certification FAQs – 22 Commonly Asked Questions


IT professionals look forward to pursuing Azure certifications in the hope of better career growth and salary. However, many questions arise in the mind of a candidate before pursuing an Azure credential. Let’s discuss the twenty-two most commonly asked questions in this article.

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1. Does Pursuing Azure Certification Make Sense?

If you are a beginner, an Azure certification will upskill you and offer entry into the cloud computing industry. A professional will be able to seek lucrative job profiles. Hence, it will act as your GPS for a better career.

2. Which Cloud Computing Platform Should A Beginner Choose?

Choose a platform that adds value to the needs of your organization. All platforms such as Azure, AWS or GCP are great individually. Analyze what works best for your organization and then choose.

3. Which Azure Certification To Take?

Choose a certification depending on your knowledge and job profile. There are four levels in Azure certifications- Fundamental, Associate, Expert and Speciality.

4. Is Watching Lectures Enough For Passing An Azure Exam?

It is not advisable to just pass the exam by viewing lectures, even if a candidate can do so. Make use of a free subscription from Microsoft for the same.

5. Does One Get Another Chance After Failing The Exam?

A candidate can invest in exam replays from credible sources if they are concerned about the Azure exam result. It will allow you to take one more go at the exam for a higher fee.

6. What Is The Best Source For Azure Exam Preparation?

There is no single best source for learning about Azure certifications. Utilize resources from Linkedin, Microsoft’s website and other resources.

7. Which Source Is Most Updated For Learning?

The most updated resource is Microsoft documentation. Every other content provider catches up from documentation for the latest updates.

8. Which Is The Best Strategy For Clearing The AZ-104 Exam?

The best strategy is to go as per your learning preference. However, investing in more than one Microsoft certification course is advisable for better results.

9. Is It Advisable To Use Dump For Exam Preparation?

It is possible to pass the Azure exam with dumps. However, you will struggle with the practical aspect of the Microsoft certification.

10. But Many People Pass With Dumps Then Why Not Follow Them?

Microsoft follows a strict policy for candidates that use a brain dump site for exam preparation. The candidate will be decertified and banned from taking any future credentials.

11. Which Certification Should A Project Manager Pursue?

There is no exclusive Microsoft certification for managers currently. However, you can pursue AZ-900 to upskill yourself.

12. Which One Is Better, AWS or Azure?

Both the platforms are giants in their own respects; go for the one that aligns with your skills and job requirements.

13. Should One Take AZ-900 Before AZ-104?

If you are a beginner, then undertake AZ-900 before AZ-104. But if you have hands-on experience in Azure, then directly take AZ-104.

14. Can One Prepare For Azure Examination Within Two Weeks?

For an utter beginner, it can be challenging as the course material for even AZ-900 is huge. However, a professional with a strong base in Azure can prepare easily.

15. Is It Necessary To Memorize Azure Powershell and CLI Commands For The Exam?

No, do not memorize each command as exam questions hardly ask you to write one. Instead, focus on understanding the command’s structure rather than its name.

16. How To Study Complex ARM Templates? How Are These Templates Tested In The Exam?

Again for ARM templates, focus on understanding the structure of the commands. The questions do not ask to write syntax. Instead, ask to identify the missing parts.

17. How To Deal With Questions That Have Multiple Correct Answers?

The question will clearly specify multiple options. For instance, you may have an answer option as “select 2 and 3”.

18. Can Marked Answers Be Changed Later?

The Azure exam has sections. You can change the answer within the section you are attending. Once out of the section, marked answers can not be changed.

19. Is It mandatory To Memorize Different Features Of SKUs And App Service Plans?

Do not worry about memorizing the features of both SKUs or app service plans. These are trivial details that are not tested in the exam.

20. Do You Need To Use Powershell or CLI In The Lab?

Use the method that you are familiar with. Microsoft sets no mandatory requirement.

21. How Are Azure Exam-Labs Designed?

You need to follow a sequence of steps in order to access the Azure Lab. Manage your time better as Azure labs are slow to load.

22. How Are AZ-100 And DP-100 Different?

In short, AZ-100 is designed for AI engineers, whereas DP-100 is made for data scientists.


Microsoft Azure certifications can be overwhelming to approach. With the help of Microsoft online courses, you can easily tacke\le these cloud computing certifications. With the help of these FAQs, do away with your doubts and work towards becoming a Microsoft certified professional.

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