Best 5 Apps to Monitor Snapchat (2023 List)

Being a parent is tricky at the best of times but when it comes to your kids using social media apps like Snapchat, there’s an added layer of worry. To ease your worries, we’ve looked into the best Snapchat monitoring for parents. Here’s what we found.

Snapchat Popularity: Threats for Your Children

There are many reasons why Snapchat appeals to kids and teens. Firstly, it offers more privacy than other social media apps like Facebook and Instagram. Users can share their content with a smaller audience. It’s also really visual and fast, which appeals to those who like to consume content quickly. Disappearing messages and silly filters also appeal to this age group too.

Best 5 Apps to Monitor Snapchat (2023 List)

However, despite kids and teens loving the app, many parents don’t. The problems of Snapchat include:

  • Risk of cyberbullying
  • Being exposed to inappropriate content
  • Risk of location sharing (Snap Map)
  • Filter dysmorphia

Best Apps to Monitor Their Snapchat

If you want to engage in Snapchat parental monitoring, help is available. Here are the best Snapchat monitoring apps to try.

App 1: mSpy

mSpy is by far the best app to monitor Snapchat on iPhone or Android. mSpy allows you to monitor their phone remotely and without being detected. With mSpy, you’ll be able to:

  • See their disappearing messages
  • See all sent Snaps, including ones that have disappeared
  • See date and timestamps when messages have been sent and received
  • See all images

However, there is so much more you can do with mSpy too. This is a whole monitoring app that lets you monitor other things on their phone too, including other social media, call logs, text messages, WhatsApp chats, web history, and more. There’s even a keylogger function so you can see what they’re typing. You’ll also be able to see where they are with the in-built GPS tracker.

Best 5 Apps to Monitor Snapchat (2023 List)

App 2: Eyezy

Eyezy is another useful best snapchat monitoring app. Eyezy allows you to see what your kids are up to on Snapchat without them knowing. You’ll be able to read their private chats, even if they’ve deleted them. You’ll also be able to see any photos sent and received. Finally – and importantly, you’ll be able to check whether their conversations are appropriate. This is a complete monitoring app, which means you can look at other things on their phone too, like their call log, messages sent, videos viewed online and their web history. You’ll also be able to prevent them from accessing certain websites through the control panel too.

Best 5 Apps to Monitor Snapchat (2023 List)

App 3: XNSPY

Another app to monitor snapchat is XNSPY. This app works slightly differently to mSpy and Eyezy in that it is a Snapchat screen recorder. As such, it works by taking screenshots of Snapchat every 5 seconds whenever the app is being used. This will give you a lot of images to see what your child is doing. However, there are disadvantages to this app compared to others in that you’re simply left with a lot of photos to scroll through, which isn’t as easy.

Best 5 Apps to Monitor Snapchat (2023 List)

App 4: Cocospy

Cocospy is another way how to monitor kids’ Snapchat. This has the basic monitoring functions and is suitable for parents who don’t need a whole range of extra features. However, the company doesn’t offer a free trial and there is no call recording or screenshot feature, which some parents might not like.

Best 5 Apps to Monitor Snapchat (2023 List)

App 5: Spyic

Our final Snapchat monitoring app is Spyic. This is simple to install and offers competitive prices. Parents can monitor Snapchat in stealth mode, so their kids won’t know they’re being monitored. However, unlike other similar apps like mSpy and Eyezy, you can’t monitor Instagram of Facebook Messenger with iOS devices.

Best 5 Apps to Monitor Snapchat (2023 List)

Final Thoughts

For parents who need to know how to monitor kids’ Snapchat, we’ve presented you with five Snapchat monitoring app choices. Both mSpy and Eyezy are favorites and come up top overall for giving parents the most features and fewest disadvantages.