Best Apps for Reducing Child Obesity

Multiple factors contribute to extreme weight gain and being overweight. In the US, over 16% of children are obese, and about 30% are overweight before the age of 5. Such a situation puts these youngsters at risk of developing health complications in the future, making it critical for parents to provide their kids with the help they need to achieve and maintain fitness.

One of the ways to achieve body fitness and keep your child’s weight in check is by having the family indulge in a mobile application treatment. This software provides excellent tips, routines, information, and more that keep you and your kids healthy.

Best Apps for Reducing Child Obesity

A visit to major mobile app stores would provide you with multiple options, but it’s challenging to zero in on a group that’s aimed at kids. You don’t have to worry, this article provides you with information to assist you with your search. The subsequent sections reveal information on the best applications for reducing youngsters’ weight on smartphones.

Best Apps for Reducing Child Obesity

Habit List

The name says it all, this app shows multiple personal information and aims to help children develop habits that can help improve or maintain their fitness levels. An example is promoting the intake of meals that promote wellness. It’s challenging building one without assistance, making the companionship this software brings to the table exceptional.

If you fall short of your set goals or are straying away from them, you’ll receive a notification and a red interface informing you. But if you are being faithful and staying committed to the plan, a green interface lights up your mobile screen.

One of the perks of Habit List as a fitness app is its flexibility. Your schedules don’t have to be rigid, you can set-up a weekly or monthly habit record. The software also comes with a reward system to help maintain user engagement. It rewards you with in-application badges based on your achievements and commitments.

Zombies, Run!

When it comes to combating excessive weight gain in children, few mobile apps manage to achieve this feat without losing their audience’s interest as much as the game Zombies, Run! As a high-quality childhood obesity essay would indicate, running is an excellent way to burn calories, especially for kids. This app puts a spin on things, by adding fun into the mix. You can have your youngster go on an adventure to save the earth from a zombie apocalypse, and get rewarded with a healthy body for their heroic deeds.

This application is available for both the iOS and Android platforms, while also supporting their wearable systems. You’ll get detailed information indicating your fitness progress in the form of graphs and statistics.

Its developers understand how easy it is to get bored of a repetitive routine, to prevent such a scenario, users get to take on new and engaging challenges each week. You can also share these milestones on your favorite social media website.

Lose It!

This software is one of the top weight monitoring apps reviewed on the apple store. It’s available for download across any iOS device, with an alternative also available on the Google Playstore. Lose It uses a tracking system to help you shed off those excess calories. Having downloaded the app, all you have to do is input the weight goal for your kid, and track their progress. It monitors elements such as food and exercises, helping you on your way to achieving your objectives.

Eating unhealthy is one of the leading contributing factors for weight gain in adults and kids. And this app aims to target this factor, aiding you and your youngster to eat healthy meals and avoiding fast food. Its futuristic algorithm takes advantage of AI technology to help you know what you eat; simply take a picture of a food and learn just how many calories it contains in real-time. Lose it considers the following characteristics when preparing a plan.

  • Sex
  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight

Positive Penguins

When it comes to top-quality apps to reduce child obesity, the Apple store takes the cake, having more top-class options than its counterpart, the Playstore. Positive Penguins is one of its crown jewels, with its focus more about helping kids with their fitness journey. It’s common for kids to lose their commitment due to bullying or low self-esteem. Positive Penguins help combat such negative influences, teaching positivity and instilling traits that help young ones resilient against bullying.

This obesity prevention app employs a simple but effective system to achieve goals. It kicks things off with kids having to make positive decisions while embarking on a virtual and interactive journey featuring four penguins. Parents and teachers can get in on their child’s fitness train, as they can have the app send them timely updates of challenges and achievements.

Best Apps for Reducing Child Obesity

Perks of Using this Software

Using a smartphone app that helps to reduce weight gain in kids comes with the following perks.


Mobile software is easy, convenient, and flexible to use without needing prior operating knowledge or drastically altering their day. You can quickly set-up an effective program right from the comfort of your home. And you can achieve this feat without prior experience either.


It’s easy to gain access to mobile programs that can aid with keeping track of your child’s weight. A working connection and a smartphone are your gateways to this software. Also, much of this software comes at zero cost, with ad revenue and donations often being the developers’ means of funding.


These fitness solutions also have an educational side to them. They help both mind and body grow. A weight loss tracking app such as Lose It has a huge food library, helping kids identify meals, benefits, calorie contents, and more.


Exercising or consciously watching what you eat can be boring, especially for kids. But using the concept behind games can solve this dilemma. This software switches up the narrative, adding gaming elements to these activities. Such a set-up helps build and maintain a child’s engagement and commitments to achieving their objectives.

Timely Updates

As a parent, you’ll need to split your time with taking care of youngsters and home, attending to work or study, keeping up with a lot of social commitments, and more. It’s only natural that there are days that you forget to complete or participate in an exercise. A smartphone app can help you avoid such a scenario, as it provides users with timely updates through notification systems.

Final Thoughts

Being overweight or obsessed exposes you to the possibility of developing health-related complications in the future. You can help your youngster stay in excellent shape with fitness and weight loss apps. Consider downloading any of our best picks to your smartphone and start the journey to helping your family achieve your weight goal.