Best Apps To Use In 2022

#9 Dropbox

Google has some amazing apps in the play store, but their drop box app is a different story. The average user doesn’t need all that space and they’re not even allowed to download the data on another computer. It’s easy to use and works well for people who don’t understand technology such as my grandmother or little kids who cannot read yet.

#8 Beats Music

Beats by Dre has always been a huge hit with rappers and hip hop artists. I remember watching musicians endorse their own headphones during the Super Bowl half time performance. In 2022, they release an app for streaming music with all of your iTunes songs at a monthly fee. They sweep the nation and put all of the major competitors out of business.

#7 Google Wallet

2.0 Google wallet was first released to compete with Apple Pay, but unfortunately it wasn’t as successful. Users didn’t see the need for their credit card information being stored on their phones and preferred to go back to carrying around leather wallets again. However, in 2022 they release a new version of the app with a fingerprint scanner.

#6 Android Auto

This is Google’s self driving car, finally available to all car enthusiasts in 2022. It takes a few years for the competing software companies and car manufacturers to figure out how to make cars compatible with their app, but when they do there is no turning back. People love the convenience of asking their car to take them home without even having to touch the steering wheel.

#5 Alphabet Apps

On your birthday, you receive an email with a gift card for Google Play store. When you open up the app, there are so many new features from subscriptions services and additional apps being offered on top of the ones that already exist. Google has merged all of their apps into one big conglomerate and it’s taken the mobile world by storm.


In 2022, Siri has become a household name by being featured on every phone released. Users have been fed up with talking to strangers while walking down the street so they’ve been using virtual assistants more often to communicate with other people. Siri also has a new feature where it can do all of your shopping for you so you don’t have to leave the house.

#3 Pinterest

It took Facebook nearly 10 years to overtake Myspace, but Pinterest was able to leapfrog over them because this app became much more than just a place to find recipes to cook. There are so many unique features that no one has thought of before and other websites try their best to emulate what Pinterest is doing. Over time, people became too reliant on the app and it’s become difficult for other social media outlets to break into the market.

#2 Snapchat

Every teenager can’t wait until 2022 for this app to come out. They’ve been using it in private since they were able to get their hands on an older sibling’s phone and Snapchat has become a phenomenon among high school students. The initial excitement of sending photos that disappear quickly wore off, but the developers came up with exciting new features such as stickers and face swapping that makes the experience much more social.

#1 GBWhatsapp

GBWhatsapp is one of the finest apps. There are tons of benefits of this app. You can get blue tick status, voice notes, 2 whatsapp in one device, storage expansion and plenty of features in GB Whatsapp app.

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