Best Bitcoin Wallet App: Trustee Wallet Review

Selecting the best cryptocurrency wallet on the market is a tough task. Nonetheless, judging from the mobile app marketplace reviews, it is easy to distinguish a winner of users’ sympathies: Trustee Wallet. Let us give it a closer look.

Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet

The growing interest in cryptocurrencies culminated in the adoption of Bitcoin as a legal means of value exchange by the state of Salvador. Many were surprised by such a move from the local government, and there was a lot of criticism and ridicule from conservative financial experts.

Best Bitcoin Wallet App: Trustee Wallet Review

Yet, Salvador persevered and thrived through the uncertain times following the introduction of Bitcoin as a legal tender. Not only did its economy not collapse, on the contrary, El Salvador increased its wealth reserves and launched multiple non-profit initiatives thanks to state-level Bitcoin trading.

Who knows, maybe your country is going to widely accept Bitcoin tomorrow. Or does it already?

In any case, you need a reliable bitcoin wallet app right now, and Trustee provides exactly what you need: an anonymous bitcoin wallet app for iOS and Android, packed with features, and user-friendly.

How does Trustee ensure privacy?

Privacy is highly valued in the crypto community. Trustee Wallet does not collect, process, or re-sell private data, which you can easily check during the installation from the App Store or Google Play: the app won’t ask for unnecessary data access.

The credit card (CC) details are strictly necessary to ensure the work of the service and enable you to use the built-in peer-to-peer exchange. If you are concerned about it, acquire an anonymous CC that adds another level of identity protection.

Beside being an anonymous bitcoin wallet, Trustee is non-custodial. Simply put, it does not withhold your wallet’s seed phrase from you. Anyone possessing a centralized exchange account can tell the difference: one has to cross their fingers and believe that a given exchange will never be hacked or that the losses will be compensated.

Add the advantages of Trustee Wallet’s clean and handy interface, NFT support, the best deal selection tool, built-in staking options, and unlimited DeFi access through WalletConnect, and you get the best anonymous bitcoin wallet ever made.

Buy Bitcoin Online with Trustee Wallet

One reason to be afraid of cryptocurrencies is the apparent lack of liquidity. In other words, one cannot buy a loaf of bread or a bus ticket for bitcoin in most places around the world. Trustee Wallet removes that barrier allowing you to buy bitcoin with credit card in a matter of seconds.

How do you buy bitcoin with credit card with Trustee? Provided that one or multiple cards are already linked to the wallet, just open the swap tab to choose the trading pair and specify the trading amounts. Trustee will then compare the fees of the available exchanges and display the best offer for the given deal on top.

Therefore, one can easily buy bitcoin online in a couple of clicks. Anytime you need crypto or to encash some fiat money, Trustee will serve as a pocket exchange for hundreds of coins, tokens, and local currencies.

As easily as you buy BTC with credit card, you can top up the wallet balance with SOL, MATIC, ETC, TRX, BNB, or another trending cryptocurrency.

Why You Need to Choose Trustee Wallet – Best Bitcoin Wallet App

You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t believe that digital currencies are the future of finance. PayPal is the invention of the past. The fraction of cash transfers between banks will gradually drop over the upcoming years, giving way to the fastest, cheapest, safest, and easiest means of wealth exchange. Blockchain-based finance already provides a better alternative to legacy finance systems, and Trustee is offering you the key to the future of money: a simple, feature-rich, and secure wallet.

Download it for your device and give it a look yourself.