Authentic, real-world trade of non-fungible tokens made possible by blockchain technology has made the cryptocurrency gaming sector worth tens of billions (NFTs). Even digital economies exist where you may be paid for playing! Games that allow participants to engage in gaming activities, such as engaging in combat, breeding virtual characters, fulfilling quests, or engaging in other activities, are referred to as play-to-earn games.

Best Blockchain Games

In exchange, customers may get some in-game crypto in the formof Bitcoin and Ether that may later be exchanged for real-world payment-useable tokens or currencies, sold or traded for NFTs, or directly transferred to a cryptocurrency wallet.

One of the key motivations for players to participate actively in these games is the way in which players are compensated when they play these crypto gaming. The popularity of “play-to-earn” games has increased significantly because of this particular matter.

1. Guardian Guild

In the role-playing fantasy game Guild of Guardian, players may buy and trade heroes to assemble teams and engage in combat with one another.

2. Hunter the Titan

The NFT game Titan Hunters is comparable to the one called Archero. To combat the enemies, players must command their character, and they may also improve their character’s abilities and weaponry. Both the adventure mode and the co-op mode in this play-to-earn game allow players to cooperate, aid one other in battling the monsters, and ultimately win.

3. Crypto Unicorn

In the blockchain game Crypto Unicorns, players raise unicorns and train them to engage in combat with other players.

Gala Games intentionally uses the blockchain to provide players exclusive ownership of game things in the shape of NFTs and ERC-20 Tokens on the Ether blockchain, despite the fact that players can accumulate stuff inside the games. Every in-game product and inherited status that gamers acquire will be proven properties on blockchain even after their accounts are deleted from the platforms, in contrast to prior games where the Game Master and Admin were the greatest authors of game objects.  

The fantastic news is that players are able to transfer NFTs between games if Gala Games could become connected with other cryptogames in the future.

At the time of typing in the middle of this, Gala Games was offering five different Play To Earn cryptogames: Spider Tank, Mirandus Town Star, Echoes of Empires and Fortified. However, the December 2021 release of The Walking Dead: Empires, Legacy, and Last Expedition in Galaverse will add to the excitement for Gala Games fans in 2022.

4. Illuvium

Illuvium is an auto-battle 3D RPG open-world game on the Ethereum Blockchain. Players must win battles, complete assignments, and climb the ranks in order to advance in the game. In exchange, they will receive ILV Tokens, which are digital assets.

Players can gather and enhance the NFT Illuvial’s many talents to gain the upper hand in combat. Similar to other NFT games, NFT Illuvials and in-game objects may be exchanged in the Illuvium market for real-world currency.

Following its merger with Immutable X, the standards of Layer 2 solutions for NFTs with no fee charges, Illuvium is now under a greater spotlight. In contrast to other gaming platforms using the Ethereum blockchain, Illuviums is able to provide its community peer-to-peer trade without charging a GAS cost.

Play-to-earn games are now the most popular trend in the cryptocurrency industry, and thanks to the numerous non-fungible token (NFT) implementations, players have more influence over the in-game assets than ever.

5. Arena Thetan

The very first MOBA game built on blockchain is Thetan Arena. A team of three individuals can play together along with their buddies. Three types of heroes are distinguished in this game: tanks, shooters, and assassins. These heroes each have unique talents, prowess, and rarities. Thetan Arena offers a variety of game types, including Tower Siege, Deathmatch, and Battle Royale. Players can play for free and gain access to the gTHC game token by doing so.

As per the experts of Wizardia, in-game NFTs can be created and then sold on certain marketplaces, or players can earn credentials by playing this game themselves. Above are the greatest games that will pay out the most if you choose to spend all your time enjoying something entertaining.

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