Best Business Computer: Why Mac is Utkarsh Raj’s Only Choice

Lucy Bennett
By Lucy Bennett  - Contributing Editor
Best Business Computer

Utkarsh Raj is a 19-year-old entrepreneur best known for his e-commerce empire. At an early age, he entered the world of online marketing and mastered online selling. He currently operates multiple Shopify stores that collectively generate thousands of dollars in daily revenue.

Best Business Computer: Why Mac is Utkarsh Raj’s Only Choice

It’s easy to imagine how Utkarsh needs a powerful business computer to help him manage his daily workflow. According to the man himself, he has always been a huge Apple fan. Macs are his go-to for all the computing needs of his business.

Best Business Computer

 What Sets Mac Apart

It’s interesting to note that despite the popularity of smartphones, the desktop market remains quite competitive. The latest figures show an increase of 2.7% in personal computer shipments in 2019. While Windows PC continues to hold a sizable share of the PC market, Apple refuses to lag. The OS X accounts for 25% of the market, which is a notable increase compared to the previous year.

According to Utkarsh, he loves Mac due to its sheer simplicity and reliability. Going for a Mac means you’re getting premium hardware and software, which is of utmost importance for his business. Apple has total control over the technology that runs its computers from research and tests to implementations and quality control.

With a 7-figure online business, Utkarsh can’t afford to settle for anything less. He goes so far as to say that Mac is the best computer for small business owners and large companies. Apple offers a limited selection of iMac or Macbook models, but each of them proves to be more than capable of handling any kind of business application.

There’s also the convenience that comes with having all parts from the same manufacturer. Any business owner needs to consider the processing power, memory, battery life, and storage capacity that their business requires. Macs are known to have some of the best specifications for both desktops and laptops.

Fewer Security Threats

Utkarsh also highlights the importance of security when it comes to business computers. Since his e-commerce stores involve handling sensitive information from his clients, he needs to make sure that everything is processed and stores securely.

Several studies indicate that Macs have fewer security threats compared to Windows PCs. One reason is that Windows currently have more users, which gives cybercriminals more incentive to create malicious objects specifically for Windows. But Mac also has built-in security features that make it less susceptible to cyberattacks. While its security is far from impregnable, you can quickly know that fewer malware programs are created for macOS.

Macs Rank First in the Design Industry

Designing several online stores isn’t an easy task. Not to mention, changes may have to be made as user behavior, and preferences change over time. In the design industry, Macs are the number one choice since many applications are optimized for the device.

You may now know this, but the first and second versions of Photoshop were exclusively released for Mac. There’s no shortage of professional designers who gravitate toward Apple products when it comes to digital graphic design. Since the design is a critical component of Utkarsh’s business, it’s no surprise that he has chosen Apple from the very beginning.

The Bottom Line

Business computers are meant to help you get things done, and that’s precisely what you can expect with Macs. Their powerful specifications, excellent build quality, and unparalleled reliability are three factors that will surely help any business move to the next level. Utkarsh Raj is only one example among many successful entrepreneurs who have leaned on Macs throughout their business journey.

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By Lucy Bennett Contributing Editor
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